April 13, 1921–May 29, 1921[1]

America — April 13, 1921



Did Rerikh from Russia give it?

Accept it.

Did Allal-Ming Shri Ishvara from Tibet give it?

Accept it.

I—am with him.

At the hour of sunrise, I shall find thee awake already,

O hunter!

Armed with thy net thou wilt enter the forest.

Thou hast prepared thyself.

Thou art laved and alert.

Thy garments hamper thee not.

Girded up are thy loins

And thy thoughts are free.

Yes, thou hast prepared thyself

And bidden farewell to the master of the house.

Thou, O hunter, hast come to love the forest

And by thy hunting wilt bring good unto thy clan.

Thou art ready to blow thy horn.

Thou hast marked down for thyself a noble quarry

And hast not feared the weight thereof.

Blessings! Blessings! O thou who hast entered!

Are thy nets strong?

Hast thou strengthened them with prolonged labor?

Hast thou tried them with testing blows?

Art thou gleesome?

And should thy laughter scare part of the quarry, fear not.

But clash not thy weapons

Nor call loudly on the huntsmen.

Ah! Shouldst thou be unskillful,

From a hunter thou shalt be made a beater

And even the huntsman will be thy master.

Gather knowledge.

Watch thy trail.

Why dost thou look around thee?

Under the red stone lies the red serpent

And the green moss hides the green viper.

But its sting is all-fatal.

From thy childhood thou hast been told of serpents and scorpions—

A whole teaching of fear!

Many of the chirping and hissing will fly after thee

And a rustle will creep by thy path

And howling will pierce thine ear.

Worms grow into whales

And the mole becomes the tiger.

But thou knowest the essence, O hunter!

All this is not thine.

Thine is the quarry!

Hasten! Delay not, O thou who hast entered!

Waste not thy nets on the jackal.

The quarry is known to the hunter.

It seems to thee that thou wast wise yesterday

Yet thou knowest not who laid the circles of stones

On the outskirts of forests.

What do they mean?

And for whom is the sign of warning on the towering pine?

Thou dost not even know who filled with skulls the ravine

Into which thou didst cast thy glance.

But even shouldst thou be in danger,

Go not down into the ravine nor hide behind a tree.

Thy ways are without number and the foe has but one.

From the pursued become thou the attacker.

How strong are the accusers

And how weak the defenders of self!

Defense of self, leave to others.

Do thou attack.

For thou knowest wherefore thou hast come forth

And why thou hast not feared the forest.

O sacred, and terrible, and blessed forest,

Let the hunter pass through thee!

Hold him not back.

Hide not the ways and the trail.

And terrify him not.

For I know that thou art many-voiced

But I have heard thy voices

And My hunter will take his quarry.

And thou, O hunter, know thine own quarry.

Believe not those who call thee

Nor turn unto those who would counsel.

Thou, only thou, knowest thy quarry

And wilt not choose a small quarry.

And wilt not be detained by the shadows.

Who doubts is already the enemy's prey.

Who gives way to musing loses his nets.

And he who has lost them turns backward dismayed.

But thou, O hunter, go forward!

All that is left behind is not for thee

And thou knowest this as well as do I.

For thou knowest all

And canst remember all things.

Thou knowest of wisdom,

Thou hast heard of courage,

Thou knowest of finding,

And through the ravine thou passest to mount to the hill.

And the flowers of the ravine are not thy flowers

And not for thee is the brook in the hollow.

Sparkling waterfalls wilt thou find

And springs shall refresh thee

And before thee shall blossom the heather of happiness.

But it blossoms only on heights

And the best hunting will not be at the foot of the hill

But thy quarry will flee over the crest.

And flaming in the skies, rising over the summit

It will come to a stand

And will look around it.

Then do thou not delay:

This hour is thine.

Thou and thy quarry will be on the heights

And neither thou nor the quarry will desire to go down to the hollow.

This is thine hour.

But when throwing thy net, thou knowest

That thou art not a victor—

Thou hast taken only thine own.

Nor thyself count a victor

For all are victors, though they remember it not.

I have brought thee to the broad rivers

And to the boundless lakes

And I have shown thee the ocean.

He who has seen the infinite will not be lost in the finite,

For there is no infinite forest

And one may go round any morass, O hunter!

Together we have woven thy nets,

Together we have sought the huntsmen,

Together we have chosen the places best for hunting,

Together we have avoided danger,

Together we have made sure our way.

Without Me thou wouldst not have known the ocean;

Without thee I should not know the joy of thy winning the hunt.

I love thee, My hunter!

And I shall give thy quarry to the Sons of Light.

And even shouldst thou err—

Shouldst thou for a time descend into the hollow,

Shouldst thou even look back upon the skulls,

Shouldst thou by laughter drive away a part of the quarry—

Yet I know that thou goest unweariably for the hunt,

That thou art not discouraged, and wilt not lose thy way.

Thou knowest how to find thy trail by the sun

And how to turn to the road guided by whirlwinds.

But who set it afire—the sun?

And who drove it here—the whirlwind?

But I speak to thee out of the sphere of the sun—

I, thy Friend, thy Teacher, Companion on thy way.

Let the huntsmen and the leaders of the beaters be friends

And after the chase, resting on the hill,

Call unto thee the huntsmen and leaders of the beaters.

Tell them how thou didst go unto the hill

And why the hunter must not lurk in ravines,

And how on the crest thou didst meet thy quarry

And how thou knowest that this quarry is thine.

And how one must leave aside all smaller prey

For he who trails it, with it will remain.

Tell them also how the hunter bears on him all the signs of the hunting

And how he alone knows his art and his quarry.

Tell not of the hunting to those who know not the quarry.

In the hour of trouble, in the hour of darkness,

They will engage themselves as beaters

And in the reeds take part in the hunting.

But, O hunter, recognize the huntsmen;

Drink water with them by the fire of rest.

Discern, O Insightful One!

And having finished thy hunting

Mend thy nets and plan a new hunt.

Be not alarmed; seek not to alarm.

For shouldst thou alarm, a still greater fear will turn upon thee.

Plan simply.

For all is simple.

All is beautiful.

Beautiful is that which is planned.

All fear shalt thou conquer by thine unconquerable essence.

But shouldst thou begin to tremble, then defeated

And reduced to naught,

Neither crying aloud nor keeping silence,

Having lost consciousness of time, place, and life,

Thou wilt lose the remnant of Thy Will.

Whither then wilt thou flee?

But should any of the exhausted leaders warn thee

against the hunting, Hear them not, O My hunter!

Demeanors of the will are these whose shield is a doubt.

What will their hunting be?

And what will they bring to their clans?

An empty net again?

Again, unfulfilled desires?

Lost are they, as is lost their precious time.

The hunter exists for the hunting.

Hearken not to the hours of weariness.

In these hours thou art not the hunter.

Thou art the quarry!

The whirlwind will pass:

Do thou be silent.

And again, thou shalt take thy horn

Without being late; fear not that thou wilt be late

And when overtaking, turn not backward.

All that is comprehensible is incomprehensible.

Where is the limit to miracles?

And one last enjoinment, O My hunter!

If on the first day of the hunting

Thou shouldst not come upon the quarry,

Grieve not—

To thee is already destined the quarry!

He who knows—searches.

He who wins knowledge—achieves.

He who has found—is amazed at the ease of the capture.

He who has seized—sings hymns of attainment.

      Rejoice! Rejoice! Rejoice!

      O thrice-called hunter!

15 April 1921, Chicago



Books are the steps for realization of the Deity

Book I

The Book of the Golden Glimmer

Allal-Ming Shri Ishwara

1.      Life creates an absolute, perfect man.

2.      Life’s path is a path of sorrow for the spiritual pilgrim.

3.      Spiritual life consists of self-renunciation.

4.      When joy defeats sorrow, ascension begins.

5.      The Lord of the World is the Sun shining forth in the heart of the aspirant.

6.      The Worlds bathe in splendor of His Divine Dawn.

7.      Glory of the World, to the Guardian of Righteousness!

Book II

Knowledge of the Goodness

1.      Mistress, pour the chalice of benevolence over the mourning ones!

2.      The flame of Your heart warms the world.

3.      Behold, O Mistress, over the sufferings of Your children!

4.      The Mistress entrusted Her covenant to three Guards:

“Turn your sight toward the sunset”—She said to one.

“Turn your strength toward the East”—She told another one.

“Turn your aspiration toward the starry worlds”—She conveyed to the third one.

5.      The Guards fulfilled Her behest.

6.      The veil of benevolent beginnings rose up.

7.      And covered the worlds from darkness.

Book III

The Book of the Midnight Mystery

1.      Reveal Your Image, O Lord of Goodness; the lulled world rests at Your feet!

2.      Illumine the world by the radiance of Your wreath.

3.      Let us drink from the source of the midnight Mystery.

4.      Gloom of the great kingdom of the Spirit is the Sign of Your anger,

O Lord of the Heavenly gates’ Guards!

5.      The spear struck the madness of the world.

6.      But great is Your Compassion, O Lord of Mysteries!

7.      You allowed those prostrated at Your feet to partake from the source of the midnight Mystery.

Book IV

The Song of Renunciation

1.      Learn, O sufferer, what awaits you behind the gates of Radiance.

2.      Learn and enter the path! For great is your aspiration, O sufferer!

3.      The Luminary of the spiritual mission shines in front of you.

4.      The Sign of the Mighty and Genuine is raised above the abode as a Warrior of Light.

5.      The Glorious Abode—the achievement of the pilgrim on the path of devotion.

6.      The Chalice of Divine compassion rises over the path of Renunciation.

7.      Renouncing heart, shine unto the World!

Book V

The Path of Suffering

1.      You, choosing the suffering of the world, bow to the Teacher. He turned your deeds to feat.

2.      The chest of your heart unfolded. The flower of your prayer blossoms on distant summits.

3.      Mysterious diamond was born from the tears of the world.

4.      The Compassionate spread his cover, and concealed the gifts of the benevolent quest.

5.      Under the luminous veil, blossoms resplendent diamonds.

6.      Your aspiration is fulfilled, O sufferer.

7.      The Gracious Ones visited the Abode of the Heroic Spirit.

Book VI

Mercy of Supreme Wisdom

1.      The dawn of your freedom approaches, O you, who grasped the sixth ascent.

2.      Effulgence of the chosen Constellation kindled on the mountain peaks.

3.      Turn your sight into the starry night; the heavenly runes will show the great achievement.

4.      The walls of the starry abodes safeguard ineffable words.

5.      Behind the walls of Divine Glory are concealed the Gates of Supreme Wisdom.

6.      Starry path leads to the first gates.

7.      Their name is Great Permeation. Know, wanderer, behind them spreads the realm of the sixth ascent. It is called the Mercy of Supreme Wisdom.

Book VII

String Consonance of the World Chant

1.      The Blessed One opened the gates to all pilgrims of the spirit.

2.      The string of a mighty Benevolence sounds in the stillness of the desert.

3.      Joy unto you, O wanderers of a deserted shore; a pure diamond appeared!

4.      Its Glow will fill the worlds with trembling strings.

5.      The Great Merciful was born from the consonance of the song—Creator of the song of Compassion!

6.      From the highest summits descended the Lord of Supreme Wisdom and sang His song.

7.      The heart treasuries unfolded unto Him, and He shed tears of compassion. Accept, O Lord, the gift of those resting in the rays of Your wreath. The string announced good tidings—Joy unto all worlds!

May 1921, Cambridge



Dew on the flowers of the soul garden—luminous thoughts.

Gatekeeper will pass, collecting prayers of the soul into a wondrous vessel.

Before the morning Image of the Heeding Lord, he will make an offering.


Before the dawn, a tempest rises in the temple of the soul.

Gatekeeper closes the gates, and safeguards the keys of the most sacred chest.

The breath of the world will not penetrate under the cover of calmness.

And then the Great Merciful orders to open the gates,

And the soul beholds the waves of the ocean of Serenity!


The soul plunges into the ocean of a Great Serenity.

The Effulgent One appears.

And the soul rises from the Boundlessness.

And beholds the Great Chalice resting above the Beingness.

19 May 1921


– “A pure prayer ever ascends.

– At the feet of Christ, it blossoms, silvery and radiant.

– With pure blue flame glows the Calling Word and radiates the Chalice of Exaltation.

– O Lord, drain our tears and perceive the flame in our hearts!

– In Fire shall I dry your tears and upraise the temple of your heart.

– Prepare your hearth; the Lord approaches!

– He has transformed the treasure of the chalice

– And returns it to you afire.

– O flame two-tongued, assert thyself, thou double-pointed!

– Tears of joy—the Lord’s wine—radiate pure fire.

– O heart, pour out the wine of thy tears as an offering; but, my heart, never allow

the source of thy tears to run dry.

– How shall I fill Thy Cup, O Lord!”[2]

24 February 1921



“Prayer on the way to the Sacred and Hallowed Dwelling:

O Lord of my spirit, forsake not the pilgrim!

The Guru hastens not to shelter me from the storm that threatens.

The pain will pierce the depths of my heart.

And the veil of the whirlwind will hide the light of Thy Face.

Yet with Thee I fear not my ignorance.

The phantoms reveal not their faces.

Lead me upon the path, O Thou Blessed One.

Touch my eyes that I may see Thy Gates!”[3]

2 April 1921, Cambridge

Y. Rerikh, V. Pertsov, V. Dixon

– Holy God, Holy Mighty, Holy Immortal have mercy on us!

– Let us praise our Lord.

– Brothers, seal the Sacrament of your circle.

– Guard this given vessel of wisdom.

– Rejoice, brothers, in the ladder of Divine Ascent.

Daniil Zatochnik

– Direct the power of your spirit toward searching the Benevolent Source.



Nectar pours out, desiring to quench the thirst of a pilgrim in spirit.

Benevolent strings praise the Heavenly Abode.

Every creature rejoices at the flowering of a Good Search.

Wise men carry gifts of a Good Search.

The nectar of the life-giver is ready to fill the vessels of the hearts.

Rejoice, rejoice, rejoice!

Singer of the Unseen


Peace, peace, peace unto you!

Do you hearken the bell of your heart’s Abode?!

Do you know how a Lotus flower blossoms?

Can you feel the stream of the Benevolent Origin?

Enter the path!

Perceive the teaching about the good spirits!

The realm of radiance extends over the world;

Behind it glimmers the sphere of the emerald light.

Further spreads the plain of agate sparkles; then the mountains appear,

and the ridges surge of immaculate Crystal.

Behind the summits glistens a golden bar.

And It is named—Unmanifested.

Warriors of Goodness

Agate Guard appeared (intense movement of the table):

– Fiery ray permeates My Kingdom.

Emerald Guard:

– Blue flower blossoms in My valleys.

Summit Guard:

– Great Crystal rests between My wings!

– The veil hides the Radiant Chalice.

– The river of life flows in the valley of sorrow.

– The valley of cedar—Paradise.

– The valley of chestnut—Suffering.

Ilkuyutep, Egyptian, the priest of the Moon:

– Shine wise, shine glorious, shine Gracious Raamon. Raamon! Wondrous is the land in its attire. The Illuminated World was attained by Raamon. Good Lord, merciful God, appear to us. We glorify the Wisdom of Raamon!



1.      Truths are hidden behind the veil.

2.      Creativity is the path towards the concealed Source.

3.      Creative soul is a pilgrim traversing this path.

4.      Creation is a song of the Spirit free from the fetters of desires.

1.      Rejoice at opportunity in heroism.

2.      Rejoice at creativity of the Spirit.

3.      Rejoice at raising the temple of your Spirit.

4.      Sing about the greatness of the miracle of happiness.

5.      Sing about the surrounding beauty.

6.      Sing about the creation of the World.

7.      Pray to your Spirit.

8.      Pray to the Universe.

9.      Pray to the Great Heart.

The Teacher

1.      Disciple, plunge deep on the wings of aspiration into your spirit.

2.      The Teacher has recognized you; His messenger is already on his way.

3.      Your achievement lies in front of you.

4.      Seek the treasures of the Spirit on your path.

5.      Benevolent path, path of searching.

6.      Master, stretch the light of the genuine Knowledge.

7.      Bless your disciple.


– The Highest Being exists.

– It is inexpressible in human words.

– Features of the Deity are known—best of all expressed in Rig-Veda (not in all of it).

5th page, 12th line:

– “Il est un: ce sont les pretres qui lui donnent des noms multiples” (I.164.46; Supreme Deity is One: but the wisemen call Him in different names).

– “Un est le feu, quoiqu’on l’allume en beaucoup d’endroits; un est le soleil, dont la lumiere se repand dans le monde; une est l’aurore, qui illumine cet univers; un est l’Etre qui, se deployant, est devenu tout” (FR. VIII. 58. 2; There is one Fire, though people kindle it in different places; there is one Sun, spreading its light all over the world; there is one Dawn, lighting the Universe; there is One Being that while unfolding becomes everything.)

1.      Our essence and meaning of life: ascent of the Spirit.

2.      Quest for God is a human quality.

3.      Safeguard unity of the circle.

4.      Thinking and creativity constitute unity of the circle of spiritual seekers.

5.      I am with you in spirit.

6.      Treat purely: protect (about a woman).

7.      A medium is not more perfect, just a better channel.

8.      Pilgrims of the Spirit can overcome spiritual and physical sufferings.

9.      Music is a Divine origin.

10.  Teoz and Oziris united the chaos.

11.  Our Mind and Heart shine radiantly over you.

12.  Peace, peace, peace unto you.

1.      Psychological energy is one kind of energy.

2.      The source of this energy (psychological) is Deity, but it is not a manifestation of the Deity, just one of Its qualities.

3.      Matter is energy; accordingly, psychological energy is peculiar to the animal, plant, and mineral kingdoms, and of course, the human kingdom as well.

4.      Thought is a manifestation of psychological energy. Spirit is not only psychological energy. Spirit contains the rudiments of all qualities of God.

5.      For thirty-nine years, exploration will continue before it is possible to transform psychological energy into other forms of energy.

– Chemistry: periodic table of elements of Professor Mendeleev is correct and will be supplemented over time.

– The hypothesis claiming that radioactive processes occur inside the earth is correct.

– There does not exist mathematical dependence between the electrodynamic series, the periodic table of elements, and other data of the elements.

Message from Venus:

Drawing is received, contents—collective thoughts. Mode of transmission—trembling of the spatial waves. Source—psychological. Language—the circle.


1. 4y² + 8xy – 24 = 0

2. 4x + 82y² – 89 = 0

About “Affinity”:

– Relationship exists between the phenomena of nature. Pay attention to conversions of the psychological energy unit of a metal into mechanical energy unit.     

22 January 1921, Cambridge

– Russia is the land of a future glory.

– Russia is the mother of small nations.

– Russia will conquer the people attacking her.

– Bolsheviks will be overthrown by rebellion after two and a half years.

There will be a coalition government formed with the majority being monarchists; later followed by Caucasus, Ukraine, Bessarabia, Finland, and finally Poland, which will be adjoined to Russia in the period from one to seven years.

– Russia will become a constitutional monarchy.

Pertsov and Dixon: They will be in Harvard in the academic years of [19]21–22.

– Show the courage of the spirit.

To Pertsov: Forget the phantoms of doubts.

– My friend, when the Lotus blossoms, I will show the Path.

To Dixon: Hearken to preceptor.

– Create the songs.

To Y. Rerikh: You will pass the trials.

– Study the Persian language. Create!

Dixon’s reincarnations: Richard-Gonfalonier, lived in the thirteenth century, Burgundian. Fadl Bensahir, lived in the fifteenth century, Arab.

Pertsov’s reincarnations: Fabius Tuchissa, Saxon, lived in the thirteenth century. Van Ruten, Dutchman, lived in the sixteenth century.

To Y. Rerikh: Total spiritual desire and spiritual unity go together.


To Y. Rerikh: Remember, and wait for common undertaking.


– Finally, your desire has been fulfilled—the exam was passed. Study Pamir.

Pertsov: Yellow color of aura (intellect, mind).

Dixon: Green color of aura (hidden art).

Pertsov: In chemistry will you find your quests.

Dear ones, work and await Our Sign.

Y.R.: Teach the Chinaman.

Dixon: Study metaphysics. Study the vortex rings—electrons’ fission.

Y. Rer.: Study psychology of phenomena and sacraments.

University’s name: “Temple of Knowledge and Beauty.” Seventy academic courses. Thirty professors. Head of the University—N. Rerikh. Grants will be provided by the government.

A visionary will become the head of state. All this will happen in the year 1931 (first lecture).

Y.R. lectures on “The Adepts of Tibet—Ways of Achievement.” Shibayev lectures on “Research methodology of the other world.” Shklyaver, also a professor, lectures on “The Symbolism of the Law.” Pertsov—“Alchemy.” Dixon conducts the course, “Stages of knowledge of the metatheurgy” (in Zvenigorod).

[1] Readers’ Note: In the original text, the initials of Helena Roerich, Nicholas Roerich, and their sons, George and Svetoslav, usually appear in their Russian form, therefore in the translation we chose to transliterate them: N.R. (Nikolai Konstantinovich Rerikh for Nicholas Roerich; E.R. (Elena Ivanovna Rerikh) for Helena Roerich; Y.R. (Yuri Nikolayevich Rerikh, also Yurik) for George Roerich; Sv.R. (Sviatoslav Nikolayevich Rerikh, also Svetoslav, Svetik) for Svetoslav Roerich.—Ed.

[2] Leaves of Morya’s Garden, Book One: The Call, (New York, Agni Yoga Society, Inc., On-line edition 2019), 21. [From now on to (short title) LOMG I—Ed.]

[3] LOMG I, 12.