Notebook 1 of common records:

January 5, 1921–May 30, 1921[1]

Joint Séances

America 1921

The Muromtsevs, the Shuberts, the Lichtmanns, A. U. Zak, E. and N. Rerikh were present

*    *   *

5 January 1921

Joint séance I

E. and N. Rerikh, K. and I. Muromtsev, the Shuberts, the Lichtmanns, A. U. Zak

Seven Session Rules:

1.      To be in the circle, and wait patiently for the messages manifested by Us.

2.      To collect phenomena.

3.      To harmonize the session times with London and Paris for correspondence with friends.

4.      To accumulate the energy waves and electron waves.

5.      To attempt helping people, doing well through the tidings of the spirits.

6.      To search for a new apparatus for communion with the spirits.

7.      The world energy will save humanity.

12 January 1921

Joint séance II. The same members are present.

– Futile is a pure desire of the Masters!

– Again, you demand an answer to transient affairs.

– “Those who are obsessed with matters of the earthly world can receive no answers from the Heights.

– Fate can be overcome if you manifest the Christ, Who sacrificed Himself for Truth.”[2]

Do not get carried away by the movements [. . .],[3] or We will have to split Our strength. Listen to the messages.

Allal-Ming Shri Ishwara

19 January 1921

Joint séance III. The same members are present.

– “My Friends! Happiness lies in serving the salvation of Humanity.

– Put aside all prejudices and, summoning your spiritual forces, aid mankind.

– Direct the unsightly towards the path of beauty!

– As the tree renews its leaves, so shall humanity flourish on the path of righteousness.”[4]

– Concentrate your attention on peace of mind—excitement is harmful for preserving the power.


– Yoga comes from vain bustle—with you, man will behold the light!

26 January 1921

Allal-Ming. Joint séance IV.

– Safeguard the unity of the circle. Preserve the power of the Medium.

– “Direct your friends towards Righteousness.

– Do not conceal Our Communications.

– Follow Our Teachings with your heart.

– Strive and you will perceive the light.

– I will point out the way—the heart will understand Our Token.

– Behold! The Teachers will reveal a lyre, and miraculously its power will endow you

with the gift of enchantment.

– Behold the Bliss sent unto you.

– (Saturate your days with happiness!)

– Dedication is the requisite of those who strive on             the path of ascent.

– Those who with a full heart fulfill Our requests will attune their ears to the

harmony of the Universe.

– By bringing happiness unto you We show Our Trust in your striving towards Good.”[5]


Truth is with you—be ready to receive it.

– As the heavens are fathomless, so great is your strength!”[6]


2 February 1921

Allal-Ming. Joint séance V. The same members.

– They badly need help—to Deryuzhinsky, M. P.’s martyr.

– He curses the Lord and His Creation.

On a question about the way to help Deryuzhinsky—you will learn later.

– “My Breath is the daring towards Beauty.

– The great gift manifested through your sacrifice will lead you to joyous realization

in your pursuit of Truth.”[7]

Then, the Lichtmanns were advised concerning their new undertaking.

1.      Start your activity.

2.      Dealings should begin in autumn.

3.      Buy the house in the spring, and start writing the Charter of Cooperation.

– Follow the path of expansion in everything.

– I will name Deryuzhinsky as well.

– Initially, there should be eight participants.

– Koshetz should participate temporarily.

– Rachmaninov and Prokofiev will attend the exams.

– It is better to hold inauguration from May to September.

– The shares should be occupational and monetary.

– Set it broadly.

The first three councils were given by Allal-Ming, the rest by Scriabin.


A myriad of luminaries is destined to give growth to Russia in the future.

Several practical recommendations were given by different personalities to Scriabin, Koshetz, Shafran, and others.

Zak, do not trust Paris; there is no reliability as yet!


I wish to complete the affairs and lead you higher.

Provide the book of the Golden Sparkle—the seven books of Yurik.

Wondering people will collect the commandments, and print them for everybody in three languages: Russian, German, and ancient Hebrew.

On a question, who will do it?—Someone will come.

It was allowed to read a description of the séances happening at Y.R.’s place in Cambridge.


– Roerich, I will go with you to Boston.

– I wish to bestow a good fortune at your exhibition.

– A beautiful sight nears from the Milky Way.

– The power is pronounced. The Sign of the Teachers.

– Sometimes happiness is equal to a lesson.

On a request to explain these words—Signifies the call for events.

– One needs to watch those who are gloomy at heart.

– Gloomy—those who endured losses.

9 February 1921

Allal-Ming. Joint séance VI. The same members.

– Pure thoughts direct your deeds. Allow your heart to guide you (addressing the Lichtmanns).

– Consider séances to be the learning hours.

– Some are given much to know—learn to concentrate.

– Remember, séances are needed to help the fading hearts.

– “Eschew the life of the slumberer.”[8]


9 February 1921

Joint séance VII. The same members.

– “Love the life that sparkles in thoughts enveloped in the Divine Radiance.”[9]

Dev Oneusharya

– “Strengthen the growing power of your spirit.

– Ever remember the Gates revealed by Us.

– The pure Breath of Our Bliss imparts living sustenance to you in your daily life.

– May the dance of wrath succumb before the power of the Temple!

– The fire of fearlessness will brighten your hearth.”[10]

Dev Oneusharya

– Do not disturb amusements of the little ones.

– “We send the light to those who smile at darkness.

– Your spirit is already in ascent, and the flaming heart will not be blighted by cold.

– The Right Hand of God asserts Itself and proclaims the Dawn of Day.”[11]

Rabbin Moses, thirteenth century

– “Why walk the way of silence?

– In life imbibe the source of sound and color, and thus strengthen your mind.”[12]

– “Be not challenging in your daily life. Be more simple!

– My friends, let not the personal affairs color your auras.”[13]

Allal-Ming Shri Ishwara

19 February 1921

Allal-Ming. Joint séance VIII. The same members.


– There is no time for reflections—attempt the healing, concentrate on the patient, and manifest resistance to illness.

– One of you is destined to experience the power, but be cautious applying it toward personal affairs.

– You may go to Prince.

– Learn to think.

– Let Me guide you—you are unable to concentrate. It is not possible to move and think.

– Apply the names of the Guardians addressing your near ones.

– It is dangerous to plunge in without the Guardians.

– No need to seek physical phenomena and casual visitors.

– Aspire toward oneness—do not split the session.

– In case the medium is absent, another medium should replace him.

– The Teachers provide orderliness to the session.

– I deem a discipline is needed.

– Mingled talking leads to the loss of power.

– Too much carelessness!

– There is room for improvement, and then only you will receive the stanzas.

– Soon will come the publisher who has been pronounced to you.

– The future revealed to you is not for disclosure (Rerikh).

– A journal should be kept in detail.

– You have the shadow of Our life.

– Routine life tries to prevent you from rising orderly and consciously toward Our Abode.

– Pure thinking will shield you.

– Still you do not understand fully wherefrom the power comes to you.

– My friends! Pray for the Russian refugees in Constantinople.

– They reached the limit of suffering!


26 February 1921

Joint séance IX.

– Why to grieve about Russia; everything will be like a miracle.

– Russia will become the guardian of the world destinies!

– Safeguard the precepts of the foremost warriors of the spirit.

– The nameless deceased for Russia.

– Precious is their nameless aspiration!

– The perished ones carried the prayer of their spirit to the Heavenly Abode.

– Not many were of pure faith!

– Not many pure souls cherished their belief in Russia.

– The blessed Russian land will rise through their sufferings!

– Bow down to them!

– Their pure sword embraced the Russian grief.

– Time to labor, time to believe, and time to seek firmly the pearl of the spirit.

– There is much to do.

– Russian students in Harvard should be ready for the work in Russia.

– Direct your spirits toward the Russian banner.

– A prayer candle should be lighted in their memory at the appointed hour.

– Pray, when you remember them (the nameless deceased).


March 1921

Allal-Ming. Joint séance X. The same participants.

– I like your unity and your intercession for friends.

– God will enlighten your desire for perfection—you will behold the Light in due time.

– “The daughter of the world can change destiny.

– The New World approaches—sacrifices are the steps of ascent.”[14]

– My friends, which one of you is ready to accept the Secret Knowledge about the other world?

– The message can be conveyed, but be broader.

– Be broader in your thoughts—little bits can be given.

– You are children! You will grow up later!

– There is a lot of anger in you, judgment about the near one, fear, and hesitation—these are inappropriate for those who ascend.

– “Growth is quickened by trust, if the spirit is open and can receive.”[15]

March 1921

Allal-Ming. Joint séance XI.

– “Do not consider materializations as important—

– Words of wisdom are greater.

– Why desire materializations when wisdom is available to you?

Is it possible to (that Russia would) prefer the superficial over the spirituality of Truth?

– My friends! Hasten past the first steps, that, purified, you may ascend to the glory

– of your nation.

– And if I offer you allurements of gold, or flowers, or jewels—refuse.

– Why choose the allurements of the superficial, when you can have wisdom?”[16]

19 March 1921

Joint séance XII. The same participants.

Each of those present named their Guardians; Schagiy, the Guardian of E.R. is absent.


1.      Here, on the terrace, stands Loko the Wise.

2.      Near the piano—Roksalan.

– Schagiy has not left you; he is in Cambridge. I am also going. Now, Kolmar will speak.


– Sana fell asleep—Koshetz grins happily, but she should not admit anger.

Metropolitan Ambrose:

– Koshetz, my child, stop it! Bow your head before God. In labor will you find your joy, trusting again in Our benevolence. Let the lesson be not in vain.

Loko the Wise:

– “Carrying the spear of life, breathe smilingly the life-giving ether of the sun.

– Take up your spear at sunrise


– And guide your steeds of morning towards the searing high noon of life.”[17]

Thomas à Kempis:

– “And the lilies will blossom upon the stones.

And at the first ray, throw open your chamber door,

And the birds will sing in praise of labor.”[18]


– I shall point to the son: “Learn the Wisdom of the Creator through life’s symbols.”[19]

From 29 to 30 May 1921, night

Allal-Ming. Joint séance XIII.

The same participants and L. A. Toreckaya

– Happiness will come to your path. In case of problems, you will ask Rerikh.

– I can soften the fate; talismans of happiness will be sent to believers.

– Preserve that painting as a memory about the Heavenly news.

– Sign with My Name.

– It is very good that you will create harmony amidst your life.

– Others will also receive talismans.

– For the last time we communicate in this group, and you will not forget this happy studio where good acts originated.

– “You will receive the knowledge and will walk the pure path, but beware of anger

and of doubt.

– If you conquer, you will receive the light.

– If you falter, the whirlwind will obscure your soul.

– Perfect yourselves, my friends, unwearyingly.

– Deny not the Voice of the Spirit, suppress only the earth-bound voices.

– Be daring—I am with you.”[20]

– “Teach others by the example of manifested deeds, but condemn not those still in darkness.

– Many there be still ignorant—forgive them, for their spirits slumber.

– (I am proud of My disciple!)

– “Naught will daunt you—the preordained Gates await you.

– Spurn cowardice—I shield the fearless ones.”[21]

– Now keep vigil, for seven minutes concentrate on Me.

– God bless you!

– Enough.

Letter of E.P. Blavatsky to Colonel Olcott, 1875 *

My answer to your letter just received—got it this very moment. I had a right and dared withhold for a few hours the letter sent you by Tuitit-Bey, for I alone am answerable for the effects and results of my Chief’s orders. I am one of those who know when and how, and that for long years I guess, and you—you are but a baby inclined to be capricious and self-willed. The message was ordered at Luxor a little after midnight—between Monday and Tuesday.

Written out at Ellora in the dawn by one of the secretaries or neophytes and written very badly. I wanted to ascertain from T.B. if it was still his wish to have it sent in such a state of human scribbling, as it was intended for one who received such a thing for the first time. My suggestion was to let you have one of our parchments on which the contents appear as (materialized) whenever you cast your eyes on it to read it and disappear every time as soon as you have done, for as I respectfully inferred, you had been just puzzled by John’s tricks, and that perhaps, your mind not withstanding your sincere belief, would need strengthening by some more substantial proof. To this, T.B. answered me, entre autres thus: (Here follow in the original nine letters of the alphabet which omit). Now I am getting crazy again and write you in a language you cannot understand. I translate verbatim: “A mind that seeks the proofs of Wisdom and Knowledge in outward appearance as material proofs is unworthy of being let in into the grand Secrets of the Book of Holy Sophia.” “One who denies the Spirit and questions him on the ground of its material clothing a priori will never be able to ‘Try.’” So you see there a rebuke again. Perhaps the physical suffering I am doomed to with my leg make me unfit for reasoning, but I have yet brains enough left in me to answer your questions point blanc. You say: “I want all my message from them verbatim et literatim.” You want too many things at once, my dear—Whenever they write to you and I have orders to give the letter to you, I will do so, for you would be the first to teach me how to obey their orders. But when I receive orders written or spoken by “Messengers,” surely you do not expect me to send them to you? I will do so once for fun, and see what you will be able to make out of them without my translation. Now my advice to you, Henry, a friendly one, don’t you fly too high, and poke your nose on the forbidden paths of the Golden Gate without someone to pilot you; for John won’t be there always to collar you in time and bring you safe home. The little They do for you is wonderful to me for I never saw Them so generous from the first. The message about “Child” is written to me and I can but translate it, if you don’t believe me, that They want you to do it, as you please. If you don’t believe me, you won’t believe Them, and I don’t think it T.B.’s principle to be too explicit. I am an initiated wretch and I know what a curse the word “Try” has proved to me in my life, and how often I trembled and feared to misunderstand Their orders, and bring on myself punishment for carrying them too far or not far enough.

You seem to take the whole concern for a child’s play. Beware Henry, before you pitch headlong into it. Remember what you wrote inspirationally for me to Alden—in Girard’s St. There is time yet and you can decline the connection as yet. But if you keep the letter I send you and agree to the word Neophyte you are cooked, my boy, and there is no return from it. Trials and temptations to your faith will shower on you first of all. Remember my seven-year preliminary initiation trials, dangers, and fighting with all the incarnated Evils and legions of Devils, and think before you accept. There are mysterious dreadful invocations in the letter sent you, human and made up as it may appear to you perhaps. On the other hand if you are decided, remember my advice if you want to come out victorious of the affray—Patience, faith, no questioning, thorough obedience, and Silence.

At first the detailed direction of her work was under the supervision of the Egyptian Brothers of whom the Chief is the Adept, who called himself Serapis Bey. Associated with him was another, Tuitit Bey, who is mentioned in the letter now printed. The former is the Chief referred to.

*   This message was received in English. Therefore, all text remains unchanged and unedited to maintain its original exactness. Trans.

[1] Readers’ Note: In the original text, the initials of Helena Roerich, Nicholas Roerich, and their sons, George and Svetoslav, usually appear in their Russian form, therefore in the translation we chose to transliterate them: N.R. (Nikolai Konstantinovich Rerikh for Nicholas Roerich; E.R. (Elena Ivanovna Rerikh) for Helena Roerich; Y.R. (Yuri Nikolayevich Rerikh, also Yurik) for George Roerich; Sv.R. (Sviatoslav Nikolayevich Rerikh, also Svetoslav, Svetik) for Svetoslav Roerich.—Ed.

[2] Leaves of Morya’s Garden, Book One: The Call, (New York, Agni Yoga Society, Inc., On-line edition 2019), 3. [From now on to (short title) LOMG I—Ed.]

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