March 24, 1920–May 31, 1921

London—March 24, 1920 until August 1920

New York—November 1920 until May 31, 1921[1]


March 24, 1920. London

“I am—your Bliss

I am—your Smile

I am—your Joy

I am—your Peace

I am—your Strength

I am—your Valor

I am—your Wisdom”[2]


Shri Ishwara

April 3, 1920  

Knights of the Grail

Thus, they found the Holy Grail. They sat at the round table, removing its white cover. Above them hovered a scarlet-purple tongue of flame. At the top fluttered an image of the Holy Dove. The wings shimmered in trembling beams. Faces of inexplicable beauty glared from the walls. Hands of inexpressible charm were raised, sprinkling sacred compositions from the vials.

On the chest of each one of them rested the talisman, found by exact decree, being preceded by an image entrusted a day before its finding. Faces glimmered with blue light, and white apparel glowed. It was not clear how a purple flame could radiate such a blue light. The altar was raised, and deep sounds of the Toll droned in a musical instrument. The whiffs of a whirlwind wandered through the faces and hands of the seated people, and grips of invisible hands touched them. Wondrous words were composed, and the faith was intense. And the whisper of life was not constraining the soul anymore. A confession of the best intentions was offered.

They walked the upper paths.

Oh, I will not add a single word!

They were invoked by the sound of invisible strings.

They were notified by a knocking on the table.

Beautiful patterns were painted with closed eyes. A cool wind blew, and white, green, violet, and blue halos glimmered. Those were the days!!! So hard it was to preserve the secret, neither warning nor heralding. Who will come anyway? Maybe the curious ones? Or those questioning about tomorrow? And how would you proclaim that harmony that says: “If they come, you will say, ‘Blessed it will be!’ If they don’t come, you will say, ‘Blessed it will be!’” Being elevated, you will say; being aggravated, you will say too. With pure intentions an old life’s dream rose: To depart, being taken for labor and the joy of knowledge. They will come. They will simply come in the morning. The doors will be opened to them. They will enter and purify. With the benevolent fire, they will destroy needless earthly things, and having lulled, will carry us to the fairy-tale country, where abide treasures of goodness, vaults of wisdom, and where sacred images should emerge.

Oh, a dream of life! Has the time of completion arrived? And confirmations appear in orderly rows. Each word from above finds its explanation in former affairs, dreams, and feelings.

After all, we knew, we felt. Through the horror of life, it used to approach; with the light feather and mountain breath it quivered even before. Though the strings may have not yet sounded, and the Images may have not yet looked from the walls, in dreams they were already here, and the “coincidences of life” were already intertwined into a harmonious story.

Oh, do not destroy that wonder seen by us.

Where can one find the power preserving the vigor of a mountain breeze, even in daily life?

A myriad of fish sweeps over. Unveiled are the abysses of all-seeing eyes. Mysterious whirlwinds hover around. Whirlwinds of knowledge! And marvelous hands bring sacred objects, and light a candle. Safeguard this light for Us. Accept seeing Us, and learning Our fairy tale: “I am—your bliss, I am—your smile, I am—your joy, I am—your peace, I am—your strength, I am—your valor, I am—your wisdom!”

Messages received in London from March–August 1920

– “By holiness in life, guard the precious Gem of Gems. (R.)

– Aum Tat Sat Aum!                                                                           (R.)

– I am thou, thou art I—parts of the Divine Self.                (R.)

– My Warriors!                                                                                       (R.)

– Life thunders—be watchful!                                                       (R.)

– Danger! The soul hearkens to its warning!                           (R.)

– The world is in turmoil! Strive for salvation!                      (R.)

– I invoke blessings unto you. Salvation will be yours! (R.)

– Life nourishes the soul.”[3]


– Work happily further.

– Affirmation of pure Self.

– “Strive for the life glorified, and for the realization of purity.

– Put aside all prejudices—think freely.”[4]

– Let them work and prepare for trials—they approach.

– Keep less contact with people.

– “Be not downcast but full of hope.”[5]

– Doing for good is not a sin. Understand!

– “Flee not from life! Walk the path of salvation!

– You and We—here together in spirit.

– One Temple for all—for all, One God![6]

St. S.

– “Manifold worlds dwell in the Abode of the Almighty, and the Holy Spirit soars throughout.”[7]

– “Ire dies lacrimosa dies illa qua resurget ex favilla homoreus parce Deus.” (Deplorably pass the days there, where out of nothing rise complaints against the pivotal God.)

St. F

– For your study acquire the writings of Fabius, of the Roman Church; for the revival of spiritual sight of Jesus Christ, tribute to the Mother of the Blessed Virgin—“The Renovation of the World will come—the prophecies will be fulfilled. People will arise and build a New Temple.”[8]

Saint Sergius

 Addressing N. Rerikh:

– Much benefit will you bring to the world.

– Your paintings are important for the future.

– Preserve your aspiration.


– Fearlessly create your paintings—they have strength!


Addressing E. Rerikh:

– Go deeper to the essence of the Universe by reading Saint Ramakrishna and through contemplation.

– You will raise high and uplift others!


– Help your husband. Paintings are the language of writing!


Addressing Y. Rerikh:

– Through work you will approach the Steppe Citadel, and discover the entry into your quest there!


– You will work a lot for the benefit of people!

– You will labor hard for spiritual cause!

St. R.

– Think lovingly about your near ones!

St. R.

– Study—think more often of God!

– You will become a great scholar!

– Work happily further!

– I want you to be happy.

– Your life will be successful.

– Think lovingly about others!

St. R.

Addressing Svyat. Rerikh:

– Remember Us very often.                                              St. B. Bl.

– Think about Us!                                                             Uvuchaya

To Y.R.:

– Think more about Us!—Tamerlane!

– You will work greatly for the benefit of people!

21 September 1920, London

Paint a series of paintings:


Matins to the departed in the seas

Ushas (the Goddess of the dawn)

Maiden at the threshold in the morning

Light-force devours the darkness

Wife of the Spirit beheld the peace

November–December 1920, New York, America

Allal-Ming. E. and N. Rerikh

– “In creation realize the happiness of life, and unto the desert turn your eye.

– Aflame with love for Christ, carry joy to Him.”[9]

What was the meaning of the vision of a “Boy” manifested to E.R. in April 1914, on the third day of Easter?—“You bear wings of light.”[10]

Who was this Boy?—“When departing life, you will see Me once more.”[11]


Elena Rerikh! “Do not demean yourselves.

– Summon the courage to safeguard the Mysteries.”[12]

January 1921

Allal-Ming. E. and N. Rerikh

– “Comprehend the Great gift of love to the One God. Try to unfold the Great power of insight, that you may perceive the future Unity of mankind.

– The one salvation is to turn the spirit toward the light of Truth.

– The great gift of love lives in the one vision bestowed upon the fearless souls.

– You, my daughter, who have seen!

(Elena Rerikh,) pure art is the true expression of the radiant Spirit.

– Through art you gain the light!”[13]

Glorification of Russia is your Karma!

Addressing E. Rerikh: Bring light into the house.

February 1921

Master K.H. (Koot-Hoomi). E. and N. Rerikh

– Keep your solitude.

– God or Om is the Supreme Person in your inner being!

19 February 1921

Allal-Ming. E. and N. Rerikh

– Don’t you see? We create a new path of ascent around you.

– You are ready for a long journey of ascension.

– Share your wisdom with people.

– Share your singer’s fairy tale with the blind and deaf—let them behold!

I wish to bestow much help unto you.


Lorya—my brother, died at five and a half years old in 1883.

20 February 1921, morning

Allal-Ming. E. and N. Rerikh

On E.R.’s remark that the brightness of the image of Allal-Ming outshone an Image of Christ for her, and she found it more difficult to appeal to the Great Spirit:

– “Stand aside, Thou Flaming One!

– Obstruct not the Gates of Heaven!

– Souls have been created that are joyous in their consciousness of the spirit.

– Do not belittle the significance of what you do not comprehend!

– Cherish the token given unto you!

– You must await the awakening of a new spiritual consciousness.”[14]

20 February 1921, daytime

Allal-Ming. K. and I. Muromtsev, E. and N. Rerikh

– You will establish the Society of Spiritual Comprehension in Russia.

– You will impart Our strength to many people.

– “Many doubts will be dispelled in your future work.

– Necessary and inevitable do I deem the rise and fall of the spirit.

– The Voice of Wisdom will open the gates to the Unknown.”[15]

– Enough personal questions; do not communicate with casual people.

– We shall send you the followers of your Society.

– You may notify Shibayev—he will unite the circle in London.

– Shklyaver, in Paris, should try to find the circle.

– Pay your attention to reserved people.

Who are reserved people?—the Lichtmanns.

– “Love each other—beware of disunion.

– We must pay dearly for our light-mindedness and prattle.”[16]

– Do good things through your knowledge.

– Serve your motherland in Spirit.

– Serve your motherland through the Spiritual Society.

22 February 1921, morning


– “Why, O Thou Flaming One, dost Thou avert Thy Face?

– The sight of Me brings thee pain; thy wings are not yet spread!”[17]

Addressing E. Rerikh, because her state of mind from February 20 lingered, and she was strongly tormented by it.

– “Harden not your spirits! Realize greatness in the small!

– Knowledge comes not readily when the spirit is troubled.

– We bestow upon you the ways.

– Do not select books at random—choose carefully.

– When amidst the throng, carefully guard the Light given unto you.”[18]

24 February 1921, morning

Allal-Ming. E. and N. Rerikh


“Prayer on the way to the Sacred and Hallowed Dwelling:

O Lord of my spirit, forsake not the pilgrim!

The Guru hastens not to shelter me from the storm that threatens.

The pain will pierce the depths of my heart.

And the veil of the whirlwind will hide the light of Thy Face.

Yet with Thee I fear not my ignorance!

The phantoms reveal not their faces!

Lead me upon the path, O Thou Blessed One!

Touch my eyes that I may see Thy Gates!”[19]

Translation of the prayer given in Tibet

24 February 1921, evening

Allal-Ming. E. and N. Rerikh

– The blood of Russia’s sons is the sign of the Russian strength.

– Draw the Flaming Guard.

– The plan of the union of the Spirit should be taken seriously.

– A great joy awaits you.

– New Light of the Teacher approaches.

– Labor, work, and love your art.

– Despond not—desire and work.

– Continue that which has commenced.

– Why worry? Life is much harder for many!

25 February 1921, daytime

Allal-Ming. E. and N. Rerikh

– I will direct you—see Rochelle, The Monastery of the Mater Dolorosa in Lothringen—a miraculous icon awaits its discovery there.

– German Ruhr anticipates Bolsheviks.

– People should be educated—the best abode is ready for them.

– Fearsome, a new page is prepared.

– The spirit of the working masses is not yet ready for God!

– Tremble, for cherished and saturated moments near the Russian heart and spirit.

– The path is laid in the world to the beloved domain of Spirit for the Russian flock.

– The world will remember your writings.

Addressing N. Rerikh: Perceive Allal-Ming being with you in every way.

Addressing E. Rerikh: Live peacefully; the gates will open.

– I wish you could feel better the friends of the heart (A).

26 February 1921, evening

Allal-Ming. E. and N. Rerikh

My father’s messages about the Astral level.

– Besides the current fate (awareness of the committed deeds), one can see a new strange sheath of the bodies.

– Not only are people alive, the very air is filled with the spatial beings.

Reincarnation of my father: Lived in the fifteenth century in Rouen, the householder Tessard.

– The soul knows a lot, which it did not remember earlier.

– The souls that are not yet perfect, learn the Laws after passing to the Astral world (with their consciousness).

– Abandon everything that you will regret in the future world.

2 March 1921, daytime

Allal-Ming. E. and N. Rerikh

– “Those who fulfil their accepted mission unmask the fact of earthly life,

– And understand the true meaning of their own path.”[20]

– My friends, live in America and you will achieve the joy of the spirit.

– He needs to contribute a lot to America until a sufficient end.

– Manifested by you, will raise the precious stone of the One Church Teaching.

3 March 1921, daytime

Allal-Ming. E. and N. Rerikh

– My darling child! Nearest is your hour to perceive the Truth of the World!

During the spelling of the first sentence, E. Rerikh was looking at the unfinished painting, and finding something funny in it, started to laugh, evoking the Master’s remark: A smile is inappropriate; I shall await another attitude.

– Joy! This home suits for the genuine life. Rerikh can enter the pure manifested path. Desire for the pure spiritual strength has entered your hearts.

– We call you, and provide you a happy share to execute Our Work.

Saint Sergius

– The pertinent, poisonous judges decide the Russian fate; but the gloomy future should not restrain you from predestined success in pursuit of the Spirit.

Saint Sergius

– No need to grieve; it carries an undesirable dose of bad elementals.

– New faith approaches.

– My love bestowed a gift of comprehension upon you.


– Keep use of Kahn.


3 March 1921, evening

Allal-Ming. E. and N. Rerikh

(Discussion with the relative, Duke P. Ar. Putyatin.)

– Dima can contact Dunya via Prague.

– Follow My path, dear Yurik.

– I am proud of Yurik.

– It is too difficult to contact you.

– Drawings in my collection are not genuine.

On our question whether he sees better now—Yes.

On our request to define the old drawings in our studio we were given interesting findings.

Where is he now, and what is he doing?—Studying the drawing in Liknodya. Liknodya is the art house in the Astral world. Works with Karazin, Somov, and Lomonosov (as the mosaic artist).

In what language is Liknodya?—In the language of the Origins.”

What is the meaning of “Origins”?—The Guardians.

Who is Allal-Ming?—He is the Leader of the third level spirits. Grasp it yourselves!

4 March 1921, morning

Allal-Ming. E. and N. Rerikh

Séance started with the following message:

– My Dima heads for Belgrade to hire a room for Mira.


– My child, dare to tell Russians that bringing children to school is absolutely essential for learning.

– Dima successfully collected the cadets to complete their studies in the old building of the teacher’s seminary (unclear words follow).

– Before the long, tiring work, we plan to take rest in summer with friends in old Zagreb in New Serbia. To date, I have no news from the mother. We saw the Rerikhs happy and contented in a new restaurant in Zhurov. On Lesna, Dima thought of finding their address, but failed.

– After endured horrors in Russia, Dima for a long time could not regain his power to work.

– His mind, and mainly his body, suffered spiritual fatigue. In Berlin, Dima went on the mend and now is much better. Concerning the education of the cadets, he can help Lena to enter the corps. For a long time, Dima has owed money to Selishchev, but has been unable to return it. If at all, without further ado, Dima is able to return to Russia, he will not come back to military service.

Two following sentences are lost in the notes.

Serbia will joyfully welcome you as well. Dima searches for money from dealers for . . .

Séance was stopped because of the utmost tiredness. On a question, what message was that—Sonya’s cry of the soul—Who conveys it?—The Origins.

6 March 1921, evening

Allal-Ming. E. and N. Rerikh, Gl. Vl. Deryuzhinsky

The usual three knocks of Allal-Ming were this time followed by three weaker and much shorter knocks.

On question what do these additional small knocks mean?

– Shurochka (recently deceased four-and-a-half-year-old niece of Gl. Vl. Deryuzhinsky).

Further followed the messages:

– Uncle Gleb, pray for Grandpa; he thinks about you.

– Uncle Gleb, do not befriend the poisonous dog, wild and huge. It is not dangerous until the plague comes, but then beware of a dog bite. Better remove it.

– Dear Uncle, take home a good, kind dog; I will let you know when.

On our question whether she will tell something to her mother, followed—Mom, withhold your sorrow; your sorrow reaches me—I beg of you.

Then the father of Gleb Vl. spoke:

– Dear Gleb, guard your soul against the wild dog. Another soul had entered the house (spirit of a betrayer). Bring a different soul to the Russian house.

– Uncle, marry not; a big wave of joy awaits you ahead.

– Uncle Gleb, marry not; a bad force may enter the house through the dog.

– Uncle, dear, order a service in the church for the day of my death (the fortieth day).

On a question where is Allal-Ming? Shurochka answered—On the sofa, and Shurochka is near Him.

We requested Shurochka to describe Allal-Ming—A long face, long hair, tall, black hair, and a double beard.

On a question about His face—strict or kind?—Strict.

On a request to describe what Allal-Ming wears—A shawl on the body and curled hair; I tightly braid Allal-Ming’s hair. He has a long nose, and wears a lengthy domino. He does not resemble the portrait (drawn during the séance in London).

On a question of how they wanted to notify Gleb Vl. about a danger if he would not come—Allal-Ming brought him.

The words of Allal-Ming.

– Listen to Rerikh; I lead him toward happy achievements.

– Dear Uncle Deryuzhinsky, Ilyashenko does not like you. Give Ilyashenko a task through Rerikh to help Dad.

The words of Allal-Ming—Regard My words more trustfully.

On a question of how we could thank Him for His care for usLove Me.

Some minor questions to Shurochka, then a request to describe what she wears—I was given their dress, white, up to the knees, with white stockings, leather shoes, and white curls to the shoulders. We are going home with Grandpa.

Where is their home?—In Dokyood.

On a request of Gl. Vl. to his father to tell him something before parting—Dear Gleb, give the watch and pipe to the brother; you wear the cufflinks and take the razor.

How does Allal-Ming look? Shurochka’s answer—He is young. I was given a small house and a rare tree.

On a question why does she need the house and the tree?—For new, necessary classes; she lives with children (eighteen children). Grandpa also stays in the house and studies.

On my question where does Allal-Ming live?—In Dokyood is His house. The three of them live there: Allal-Ming, Shchog-Dir, and Ramses.

8 March 1921

Allal-Ming. E. and N. Rerikh

– Your soul is unhappy, but the spirit ascends.

– The Light of the truth . . . (the end of the sentence is lost).

– I guide you in life answers.

Addressing E.R.: Be kind to him.

N. Rerikh was greatly sorry for delay in the inauguration of his exhibition in Buffalo, where he headed the next day. E.R., with quite an irritation, reprimanded him for this disappointment which, as she deemed, was improper.

During the joint séance, N. Rerikh was told to meet Kellogg after his arrival in Buffalo. Kellogg turned out to have a great interest in Theosophy; he even left his previous activity in order to devote himself fully to the study of the spiritual world. Having never seen before the paintings of N. Rerikh, shortly before the exhibition, he made unexpected sketches for himself, which happened to strongly resemble some of N. Rerikh’s paintings, for instance the “Pillar-Dweller.”

March 9—departure of N.R. to Buffalo.

17 March 1921, evening

Allal-Ming. E. and N. Rerikh

– Paintings sold to Kellogg—The Sons of Heaven.

Folk tale, Native vessel on its way.

Lord of night.

The automatic painting drawn by Rerikh in Kellogg’s house has been explained.

– The candle signifies that the light has been kindled in Kellogg. Drawings were inspired by Rerikh in the astral body.

– You can rejoice in the success of the spirits in bringing friends to you.

Addressing Kellogg:

– Love your family; find balance and harmony.

– Until Sunday, you will behold the power of the spirits in a good matter.

Addressing E. Rerikh:

– Unduly your spirit attempts to read the mind, often the wrong way.

– Find your happiness at work; labor in a family.

Kellogg’s reincarnations: Farist—a visionary, Nubian in the tenth century.

Addressing E. Rerikh: A smile is inappropriate.

18 March 1921, morning

Allal-Ming. E. and N. Rerikh

– Influence pure soul in the role of an attracter towards spiritual life.

– I will read your thoughts.

– Concerning Urga—not weapons are dreadful, but a cruel attitude of Mongols to Russians.

– Native brother has to be accepted.

– Prove your kindness in the rescue of Volodya.

– I saw Volodya at the working quarter of Urga.

– Time to act; advise Rerikh to go to America.

– A bad influence that can cause damage to Russians grows in Mongolia.

– Olga and Catherine Putyatins gave their souls for the motherland, and innocently suffered in Italy during the street riots in Milano.

– Your strength spreads to Liknodya, to Roman Urlogya, and to New Noryama, which is dear to Me because of its spiritual power.

– Dear Lyalya, I am pleased with your growing spirit (father).

18 March 1921, evening

Allal-Ming. E. and N. Rerikh

Addressing E. Rerikh:

– My new word about you: in the Joy of the Spirit of the Heavenly Jerusalem, Schagiy carries an answer to Thomas à Kempis about you to Roman Urlogya.

– Nirvana Monads instruct you.

– Love Me.                                                                        Thomas à Kempis

– Your spirit worries in vain.                                            Schagiy

– Our strength should be perceived by heart.

– I often talk to you during your dream about the great and amazing.

– Once again understand the role of the spirits.

– Love your own, and hurt not by rebuke.

– Elena Rerikh, firm are your steps, and happily have you reached your Master.


Guardians of N. Rerikh:

– The main Guardian—Allal-Ming – Shri Ishwara

– Pougrariy Schemrovr

– Roksalan, fourth century BC, Asia

– Loko the Wise—Urnu runes [. . .] rules of spirit

– Korund the beautiful

– Divo Rol Uvurov

– Loshir—warrior of the spirits on the solar level

During the spelling of the name Loko the Wise, two blue rays appeared. On a question, what do these rays mean?—The radiance of Loko the Wise.

Then followed an icy touch to E.R.’s wrist, and her eyelashes were as if covered by the web.

19 March 1921, evening

All Guardians are present.

Séance with the Muromtsevs.  E. and N. Rerikh, Ks. and I. Muromtsev

Allal-Ming speaks:

1.      Can you be serious; are you able to keep the secret. Answer: Yes.

2.      We pass a new task unto you to explore the way of Our messaging.

Note: mistakes in the messages depend on your tiredness and interference of the elementals. These disturb the sent news because of their folly and audacity.

3.      Try to exclude anger, personal gain, and distrust.

– “Strengthen the awareness of Our Presence in your life.

– Invoke Our Power for your deeds.”[21]

– Keep notes with remarks about the special waves of communication; and with the help of Christ you may acquire useful, harmonious teaching about the transfer of the Spirit of Understanding and Consolation.

– “Rejoice, you who have understood!

– Live a full life, rich in experience!

– Whatsoever your doubts We shall dispel them in life—but hearken!

– We shall manifest miracles in your days—but discern!

– Let your heart be your judge, and faith your power.”[22]

– Koshetz goes a wrong, and even a dangerous way.

– If communion with Us leads to discords, it is necessary to stop it.

– Koshetz spoils the Aura.

At this moment steps were heard of Svetik returning back home, and all further messages immediately discontinued.

– “Be content with the true indications whispered to your spirit.”[23]

At this moment N. Rerikh noticed something black that flashed in the air like a bird.

– He is not scared of the black ones.

At this point Svetik entered the room and the table started to produce different movements.

Semyon Muromtsev communicated:

– Koka travels to Helsingfors. Sana should send money, but to Stockholm. Lyudya is entrusted to Konrad. Boba sits in the Nursery of the Russian Economy. [. . .]

– The end.

20 March 1921

Allal-Ming. E. and N. Rerikh, Gl. Vl. Deryuzhinsky

Three big knocks were followed by three short ones—Shurochka is here.

– Uncle Gleb should not hit the dog; let Rozenberg bring a sea rope to tie the dog—its serum is definitely poisonous.

– Uncle, treat Allal-Ming and Rerikh better.

– Love your motherland, and do not take American citizenship.

– Uncle, the New Rerikh brings a bright power to Russians.

– The Spirits of the Protected Grove should not be swayed—believe!

– The new Guardian of Deryuzhinsky is Fuchya Possudh—Dalmatian in the tenth century AD, food seller.

On Deryuzhinsky’s question of what is great about Fuchya?—Dear Uncle, do not offend Fuchya.

Where are you?—We are sitting on the sofa with Grandpa and Allal-Ming rests on the sofa’s back.

The words of Deryuzhinsky’s father.

– Father loves you, dear Gleb; spare your strength, and do not betray the Russian case.

– Uncle, torment not yourself. Uncle, love Mom and Dad; they suffer but fate cannot be averted.

Why can’t be something conveyed to Yache?—will not believe.

What to do with father’s articles?—preserve them.

Allal-Ming addresses N. Rerikh: Visit Prince.

– Uncle, befriend Rerikh.

– Show mom the groves of the Spirits; Spirits require to be accepted. I will show My garden in Dokyood. Rerikh will paint.

– Your mistrust harms you.

– Go deeper. Use this advice.

– Uncle, befriend Rerikh.

– I will specify the time for visiting Rozenberg.

The date, 28, was given without any explanation.

– Uncle, befriend Rerikh! Be friends with Rerikh!

– Dear Uncle, smoke not—it harms me.

– Nicotine produces obtrusive fluids.

The sentence “Uncle, befriend Rerikh” was repeated ten times.

– The Ellaryo[24] tree has blue flowers resembling the bells. The tree’s height is three sazhens.[25] Shurochka’s house is smaller, about five arshins.[26] It is built from white stone. Behind the house there are green mountains.

– The mountain is called Urduya—in the language of the Origins.

– Ikar is Roden’s creation in the astral world.

Did Deryuzhinsky correctly reproduce Ikar?

– No, the wings are different. Roden’s lower wing covers Ikar’s knees. The upper one is directed towards the sky.

20 March 1921, evening

Allal-Ming. E. and N. Rerikh without Deryuzhinsky

Addressing E.R:

– Pray to Christ, your Patron.

– In a flowing stream the Light pours unto you.

Thomas à Kempis

– You need to know—I and Jesus will accept you to be Our disciples.

– The pure heart can behold Me.

– I carry pure soul to Jesus.

Thomas à Kempis

– You have a gift to be happy and wise.

– My Master Roksalan directs your spirit towards Origen.


21 March 1921, evening

Allal-Ming. E. and N. Rerikh

Addressing E.R.:

– Schagiy is happy with you.


– Physical appeal is necessary for the harmony of the organism.

– We shall point to you, the huntsmen of the New Society, those who are able, like Rerikh, to relate lovingly to the Spirit of Comprehension.

– But you need to display wise approach concerning those who do not believe in Spirits, and do not allow hurdles between them.

– Work on the disbelief towards the Spirits’ words.

23 March 1921, evening

Allal-Ming. E. and N. Rerikh

– Moira, why do you torture Konrad Rudendorf?

– You will bring prisoners to a joyous, dear, and happy valley, predestined by the Heavenly Spirits’ power.

– Remind K. Rudendorf about yourself.

– Waves of perfection of dear souls are unpleasant to Uvurs.

– Husband’s power makes it impossible for Uvur to approach you—it is easier to reach through the Muromtsevs.

– Warn Koshetz, Uvurs are around her.

24 March 1921, daytime

Allal-Ming. E. and N. Rerikh

– Unions will spread over Germany.

– Half of Ruhr is in Bolsheviks hands.

– Their way is opened to England.

– Look at Italy.

– “My friends, you chose to take a happy road, leading to Me!

– (Rerikh’s happiness is in plunging into a pure art.)

– You must teach others to search for My World—the World of the Knowing Spirit.”[27]

25 March 1921, evening

Allal-Ming. E. and N. Rerikh

– Yurik will express a sermon.

– Lighthearted Yurik grumbles at the directness of My instructions.

– One needs to know the truth about the trifles of the native law.

– It is better to avoid grumbling.

31 March 1921, evening

Allal-Ming. Séance with the Muromtsevs

– Ilya turned pink—wisely treats people (hint concerning his changed aura).

– Shubert behaves obsequiously but hideously.

– Koshetz is dangerous for you, destroys the aura, and clouds your consciousness.

– I advise you to give the book for reading to Zak and Lichtmann.

– Temporarily stop the séances. They do not foster your growth.

– Manifest concentration through reading.

– Icon is genuine—it will be useful.

– Preserve the Teaching about spiritual unison.

– It is good to write to Steiner—he will give you the technique of séance.

– Your technique will be special, not for physical manifestations.

– True temples should be raised on a happy, pure land in Russia, in your life.

– “Persist,[28] and open the Gates to the hearts that seek.

– I will know when the time has come for the Gates to be opened.”

– What is hidden there needs to be explained.

– Your task is not to waste strength for those who are obstinate.

– I will direct those who are attentive to you.

– Changes are nearing.

– Write about Liknodya: around the temple there is a grove of sukrims—sanskris blossoms in blue color; the path towards the temple rises in ledges of pure crystals, being decorated with statues of the best masters. Scholars walk to study, thinkers to contemplate, artists to create, beholders to glorify. Such is Liknodya.

T.K., A.M.

1 April 1921

Allal-Ming. E. and N. Rerikh

– Pronounce: I entrust my soul to Christ.

– Steps are ahead of me—I ascend.

– Show a helping hand. Forgive and help.

3 April 1921

Allal-Ming. E. and N. Rerikh

Message about the death of Aunt Putyatina.

Message to Shibayev: “Cor Ultimo ratio regnat.” (Lat. Heart is the highest means of

dominion.— Ed.)

Message to Shklyaver: Labor happily for the benefit of the Motherland. Empathy grows through the power of harmony.

Message to Mara Manziarly: Happiness will show the time.

To all: You need to rejoice at the gifts of the Creator.

8 April 1921, daytime

Allal-Ming. E. and N. Rerikh, the Lichtmanns and A. U. Zak

– Convey Our wish to Prince to lead you quickly through the practice of lower phenomena.

– “Try to study the higher manifestations that are of value to humanity.

– The image of mankind is created by the energy of mankind itself.”[29]

– Study mistakes of the postmen—they are not precise.

On a question, who are the postmen?

– The Spirits of the first two spheres of the manifested real Firmament.

– Most important are deepening and harmony.

– Spare the medium’s strength—he is required for different manifestations—We shall tell later.

12 April 1921, daytime

Allal-Ming. E. and N. Rerikh

N. K. Rerikh left for Chicago for the inauguration of the exhibition.

– I will give “Counsel to the Hunter entering the Forest.”

– The Teachers, they will show the strength.

– The catch will be good.

In the train on the way to Chicago was conveyed the poem “Counsel to the Hunter entering the Forest.”

7 May 1921, evening

Allal-Ming. E. and N. Rerikh, Gl. Vl. Deryuzhinsky

– I love you and stand near you.

“Through the way of teaching will the manifestations of Light come to you.

To teach and to love are manifestations of God.”[30]

Will Rozenberg die from surgery?—He will die—it is better.

– Hurry to learn . . . I deem it necessary for you to know Mor . . . mora . . . moru . . . m . . .

– The Spirit will instruct what to do.

– You are unable to perceive the warnings.

– I cannot talk excessively about your destiny.

On Gl. Deryuzhinsky’s remark that he became agitated because of the hints—We will not touch the frightened one.

Several questions of Deryuzhinsky followed, unintelligible for E. and N. Rerikh, the answers came resulting in Deryuzhinsky’s insight concerning the understanding of the unfinished words—Mora, Moru . . . (Moravsky).

– Uncle, love Mom, she suffers—she does not have any close friend.

– Uncle, love Mom.

– Uncle, be wiser.

– Koshetz follows a dangerous path.

8 May 1921

Allal-Ming. E. and N. Rerikh

Addressing E. Rerikh:

“Think freely, walk the shortest path.

– But ascend by faith in the Blessed Ones and you will not err.

I come to succor—why do you not see Me?

Love the power of pure consciousness, and you will conquer.”[31]

– Your fate is not to suffer with Me.

On E.R.’s question whether He is not yet tired to talk with them—I Myself like to communicate with you.

– If you request—do I give a stone?

9 May 1921

Allal-Ming. E. and N. Rerikh

On E.R.’s question whether Allal-Ming is connected with her by karma, and who He was in connection with her—Yes, the husband.

– Morymuokulluov—Mexico

– Kurnovuu—the king of Mexico—I am defeater of Osuu.

– Yabuchtuu is your name—the queen of Mexico.

– Yabuchtuu—the pearl

– Lumou—was your son, Svetik.

Reincarnations of N.K.R.:

– King of Ullus—Asia, fourteenth century BC

– Chinese Shandun, tenth century BC

– Yasuf—very honest man, reader at the Shiruman temple (Pacifier of elements)

– Chinese priest

– Clairvoyant hermit Roman Lavor, Serbian, thirteenth century

– Rechuya—Slav, sixth century, Pomeranian, priest of Svetovit (Golovarg)

– Chinese [. . .][32], third century BC

– Chinese priest, first century[33]

– Fu-Yama-tsin-tao—Chinese emperor

Reincarnations of E.R.:

(Collected reincarnations were given in different periods of time.)

1. Yabuchtuu—the queen of Mexico

Nefrit—priestess of the Goddess Hator, seventh century BC

Keshidja—priestess in Karfagen

Niyanara—priestess in Sicily, second century BC

2. Solomon’s wife—pharaoh’s daughter

Iyaluru—queen of powerful Judea

3. Yamyna Sovereign—disciple of Allal-Ming

Yadwiga Colberndarmstadt—feudal, thirteenth century

Josephine Saint-Ilair, fourteenth century, nun

Elena Golenischeva-Kutuzova—tsarina of Kazan, fifteenth century

4. Akbar’s wife, 1632, the queen of India

5. Sister of Rajah Charnoya—1674–99

Natalya Rokotova—landlady of Ryazan, died in 1830

Elena Shaposhnikova-Rerikh, born 1879–died in 19 . . .

Sister of Morya

Analula—priestess of Assyria

Urukay—wife of Schagiy

Hashtepsitu-Hnum Ra



Solomon’s wife




Yamyna Sovereign

Miriam from Kilen


Tsarina of Kazan—Chingiz-Khan

Yadwiga Colberndarmstadt

Josephine Saint-Ilair

Elena Golenischeva-Kutuzova—tsarina of Kazan

Olula—Syrian, wife of Sheikh Ibn-Rahim

Akbar’s wife

Sister of Rajah Charnoya

Natalya Rokotova


Sister of Morya, Leader of the first nations that proceeded from Asia

Daughter of Buddha

Greek girl from Origen’s times

Urukay—wife of Khan Schagiy, eighth century BC

Tsarina from Chingiz Khan’s clan

Miriam from Kilen, friend of Deocletian

Gertrude Node—musician

Olula—wife of Sheikh Ibn-Rahim, Syrian, first century BC

Analula—priestess of Assyria

Hashtepsitu-Hnum Ra

Hashtepsut-Mokara–Hnum Ra—Egyptian queen, fifteenth century BC

10 May 1921

Allal-Ming. E. and N. Rerikh

– Learn about correlation of the number of the Teachers from the manual operator, perfected by Us.

– “Steep is the path to the abode of faith.

– Turn your mind to the joy of creation.”[34]

– I love!

– Helping Koshetz, I showed courage.

– Love your husband.

– Do not condemn completed drawings at the threshold of work.

– Do not sit with strangers without special permission.

– I was close to you, while being Allal-Ming.

– Allal-Ming—Master Koot-Hoomi.

– It is time to collect experience for acquiring confidence in messaging.

– If you want to avoid mistakes in answers to your questions, do not expect the sending—finding the appropriate vibration, We will answer.

– “That you may exalt the spirit, cast out all trivial thoughts, and be ready to receive the waves of vibration sent by Us.”[35]

– Believe, and it happens.

The day of the Northern lights

Allal-Ming. E. and N. Rerikh

– Destiny manifests a wondrous image to humanity during the nighttime.

– This year is marked by Us by powerful events.

– Manifested wonder foretells the events predetermined by Us.

– You, resettled ones, appreciate!

– You, who were given to know miraculous manifestations.

– Let the Teacher strengthen you in perceiving the manifestations.

What does her childhood vision mean: Russian tricolor flag unfolded in the sky (in 1886)?

– You will be the witness in Russia of the Russian matters. I continue this sentence . . . you will witness the Russian victories.

– I will be happy to forewarn you about the events.

12 May 1921, evening

Allal-Ming. E. and N. Rerikh

– Too much grumbling; Suvorina has a strongly spotted aura.

– Her Guardian is Tarkvinius Unka—proconsul, second century BC.

– Guardian of Voinova is Shunsur—a lawmaker who lived near Teheran, fourth century BC.

– By helping Rahmaninova, I prepare the timing for happiness.

– I like when you fulfill My instructions.

– I love you.

On N.R.’s question, whether he has many enemies and who are they.

– Why the need to know unpleasant matters?

On E.R.’s question, why should she read Solomon’s wisdom.

– I prepare happiness for you in My heart!

– Read Solomon’s Wisdomthe harmony.

14 May 1921, morning

Allal-Ming. E. and N. Rerikh

– I saw a pure land—perceive!

– I love you too!

– In Chicago, grows love to you.

– You may broadly take the benefits of the Teacher.

14 May 1921, evening


– Peace unto you—“The pure thoughts of the strong in spirit transform into realities life’s phenomena.”[36]

– Area—useful for you.

15 May 1921

Allal-Ming. E. and N. Rerikh

Addressing E.R.:

– I heard three wise words.

– I rejoice at your happiness.

– I am happy with your work.

– I am happy to hear wise talk.

On N.R.’s remark that he feels ill—bodily tiredness—often the spirit resents weakness of the body.

On N.R.’s question, what can be done to overcome bodily weakness.

– To depart to My Country.

– I need you to prove tangible achievements of your spirit, so that I can uplift you at the earliest.

– If you request—do I give a stone?

17 May 1921, daytime

Allal-Ming. E. and N. Rerikh

– Better steer the rudder—the boat is fragile!

– I can advise!

– There is bad fury at night.

– Elena, your ear heard a broken speech.

– I talked to My wife.

– Read— urvu—pray—to stitch a new garment.

– I am your Husband, pure spirit; loving you, I sent the ray here.

– Stern Allal-Ming is at the rudder.

– Want you to grow in purity.

– We are considered husband . . . and . . .

– Man should demonstrate a special strength amidst dangers.

– Your talks will be collected into a wondrous book.

– I consider your role to be great for the benefit of mankind.

– I am happy to get happy news about you.

N.R.’s question—why have all those who refused to help him gotten into trouble?

– Responsiveness of Cor Ardens—sharp sword teaching extinct hearts.

19 May 1921, daytime

Allal-Ming. E. and N. Rerikh

– I will give you help from dry Rockefeller.

– Happiness approaches you—be able to grasp it.

– I will arrange the work in a pure place.

E.R.’s question about a strange phenomenon at night: she felt someone’s hand at the back of her head, and this hand was turning.

– My strength was manifesting the monstrance.

– You can see Me in an unknown body at the pure place.

– You will see Me in a pure place.

– The Russian cause receives a new development.

– Motherland will receive a new statute.

– The window to Russia is cut through.

– Direct your road to the island of Agreement.

– Promise you a new joy in spirit.

19 May 1921, evening

Allal-Ming. E. and N. Rerikh

– “A pure prayer ever ascends.

– At the feet of Christ, it blossoms, silvery and radiant.

– With pure blue flame glows the Calling Word and radiates the Chalice of Exaltation.

– O Lord, drain our tears and perceive the flame in our hearts.

– ‘In Fire shall I dry your tears and upraise the temple of thy heart.’

– Prepare your hearth; the Lord approaches!

– He has transformed the treasure of the chalice and returns it to you afire.

– O flame two-tongued, assert thyself, thou double-pointed!

– Tears of joy—the Lord’s wine—radiate pure fire.

– O heart, pour out the wine of thy tears as an offering; but, my heart, never allow the source of thy tears to run dry.

– How shall I fill Thy Cup, O Lord!”[37]

Pray at My heart—I love to offer the Chalice to Christ.

20 May 1921, daytime

Allal-Ming. E. and N. Rerikh

– Elated Rerikh does not grieve about Harvard.

– I will withhold through the Teacher S.L.

– You will acquire happiness near My Heart.

– I am a shining ray in your life.

– New Rerikh, hearken, I want to show your way toward an incredible, formed, and happy manifested path.

– Hurry up with Rockefeller.

– I deem it necessary to consider one fact for life—arrangement of the school by the name of Rockefeller.

– Request to acquire the house for an amount not exceeding five thousand dollars.

– It is advisable to entrust it to the stout man.

– Rockefeller will help better in the motherland.

What is the name of the stout man?—I will give his name tomorrow. Call the Lichtmanns and convey to them My Words.

Who is Allal-Ming?—Find Me with your heart.

20 May 1921, evening

Allal-Ming. E. and N. Rerikh

– Teach the young ones through Our Word.

– Future sons will perceive true reality.

– Solution is close.

– I love you—good.

On the floor above, somebody played the piano awfully—Akin to torture is bad music.

– I think it is better to finish.

– Let him paint.

21 May 1921, daytime

Allal-Ming. E. and N. Rerikh

Receive the message:

– “Sei crafting, mein beliebter Meister, ich halte Wacht—ich gebe dir meine Vollmacht”

(Germ: Be strong, my beloved Master, I am on guard—I am giving you my power.)


– “I’m happy, don’t be sorry communicate her—from the mother of Cornelia Sage Kuinton. I may send some message through you if possible.” *

Concerning the doubts expressed by E.R. concerning correctness of the message.

– The word is correct; divide the syllables, and read two words.

 * This message was given in English. Therefore, all text remains unchanged and unedited to maintain its original exactness. Tr.

22 May 1921

Allal-Ming. E. and N. Rerikh

– I will name the best book on costumes—Racinet.

– The night promises a storm.

– The son disturbs. The son wants to spoil his karma; he may begin a miserable life.

– Dedicate one year to academic life.

– Implement My Instructions.

– The best destiny awaits you.

– Elena, I can help Rerikh. I—the God—will calm you, creating pure thoughts.

– I could postpone it just for one year.

– You need to deepen your thoughts; I will provide opportunity for going to nature.

– Read the heavy book on Christian torments.

– Your spirit will ascend to the next level—everything will go according to plan.

When shall we travel to a happy country?—You will learn.

We learnt it the very next day, it became clear in the conversation with Mrs. Draper.

22 May 1921

Allal-Ming. E. and N. Rerikh

– I deem, by sparing different fate of Deryuzhinsky, Rerikh helps to create worse karma.

– It is better not to believe at all than to display an abusive attitude (toward spiritualistic séances).

– Lyutov manifests the role of Suya—Suya—I.

– I taught you a reasonable attitude toward happiness in life.

– “Love the manifestations of harmony.”[38]

– Whatever is destined, do not reveal the secret to Koshetz.

– Without concealing, tell Koshetz that manifestations of the Great Saints occur rarely.

23 May 1921, evening

Allal-Ming. E. and N. Rerikh

– I create a happy, wondrous atmosphere around you.

– Hold your doubts, allow your future treasure to be carried to the end.

– I judge from previous doubts.

– I will arrange something unimaginable.

– I will pray for your best destiny.

– It is better to teach three months rather than receive the weeds of ungrateful disciples.

– Walk without doubts.

– I am happy with the current situation.

– Moscow is agitated, but the Russians will cut the fetters of the European market.

– Teach the young ones; do good, love Me.

– Shuster will be useful.

– Elena, I deem happiness is in your hands.

– Hold it tightly.

– You do a great work.

– Enough.

24 May 1921


– You are sad, but do not take it to heart.

– I will thrust some amount to Logvan for you.

– Logvan considers it necessary to help you.

– The market is broad—stop worrying.

– Call Yakhontova concerning the summer house.

– Wonder, the treasure is revealed through Rerikh.

– I will teach you how to catch the happiness.

– Paint the best valley for the Snow Maiden.

– The sun ray should enlighten it—the ray spreads over the happy valley.

25 May 1921

Allal-Ming. E. and N. Rerikh

– I will send you the necessary amount.

– We decided to silence the wrong, sad, and empty fears.

– Better not to doubt; trust Me.

– I am happy to display the evidences of the Teaching.

– Elena, pure is your desire; you will move to the happy country.

– Longing points to happiness.

– The Russian cause is in Urga.

– I point to both of you.

– You may not trouble your spirits.

– I deem it necessary to reveal My power to you.

– I love your joy.

– Call Yakhontova.

– I foresee a good summer house for you.

– I want to safeguard you for a decent market.

– Enough.

25 May 1921, evening

Allal-Ming. E. and N. Rerikh

– Teros rendered service to you, a good one; be able to glue the ring.

– “Await and attune your ears; My Lips would speak.”[39]

– I require discipular, careful, broad love—you need to be more perfect.

– I instruct Yuri to regard Rerikh as the poet of the Spirit’s manifestations.

– Jokes are inappropriate—that morning when he could not buy it.[40]

– That one I consider to be My disciple.

– Rarely can people clearly follow My words.

– No need to judge strongly—give way—happiness.

– In the morning—I—search—I will show you the needless.

– Time to sleep.

26 May 1921, evening

Allal-Ming. E. and N. Rerikh

– “I send the blessed token of Gupta.

– My Word is as flashing copper.”[41]

– False oblation was brought by one disciple (woman).

– Muromtseva should not write parodies.

– I will direct Rerikh for the deed of heralding about Us at the school.

– I give My Name to him as a pseudonym.

– Rerikh loves Us, but something hinders him to proclaim openly to all.

– I reveal his destiny—he will achieve the Masterhood level on Earth.

– Perceive ardently Our Advice.

– The Guardian arranged the exhibition circle very wisely.

– Wife, turn the feat unto yourself.

– The sent stock will help.

– You need to reconcile layers of feelings—to be alert for Our communication.

– Enough.

27 May 1921, daytime

Allal-Ming. E. and N. Rerikh

– I wish you a happy destiny with the Leader.

– Today I revealed My Image.

– Amazing, pure, rare is the soul of Rerikh.

– The Guardian is able to attract a happy destiny, in order to make you experience His love.

– You are looking far.

– Suvorina should be seated at the table.

– Bibi was taught by Sinnett.

– New sufferings will come to those who refused you a hand of help.

– In the morning, I will show a new path to My disciple.

– Love—I am near you.

– Happiness is in the joy of quiet love.

– Pink, raspberry with a black design beret, and a raspberry girdle.

– Persistently, through destiny, be able to employ My strength—help mankind.

– A new person will help you to acquire Rembrandt.

– Enough.

27 May 1921, evening

Allal-Ming. E. and N. Rerikh, A. Suvorina

– “I am the searing heat of the sand.

– I am the flame of the heart.

– I am the engulfing wave.

– I am the soil regenerated.

– Rejoice, and behold the Light.”[42]

– I will help Suvorina.

– I will dispel the dusk in the soul of the unlearned one.

– I will provide a pure, happy, and wondrous life.

– But she should avoid anger and doubts.

– I help by breaking despair.

– I will send the help through a stranger.

– “Beseech Christ.

– Search for the joy of turning to the Creator.

– Learn, and unlock the Gates of Knowledge,

– And affirm yourselves in understanding the Divine Plan.”[43]

– My disciple will give you instructions and advice.

– Read Ramakrishna.

– Love Tarquinius; happiness will return—you need to believe.

– I will send a stranger.

Answer to A. Suvorina’s mental question.

– Solve it positively.

– I think it is better to wait for three months.

– I pointed out that the matter is important.

– Enough.

E. and N. Rerikh after Suvorina left.

– Read about the torments of Christians.

– Love Me—I will make you happy.

28 May 1921, daytime

Allal-Ming. E. and N. Rerikh

– Observe the Russian–Poland matter.

– I want to manifest the Teacher.

– I teach.

– I will reveal happiness.

– I will be able to arrange it.

– I will pray better.

– I am happy to safeguard.

– I want to praise a stern strength.

– I will help Suvorina.

– “We lend Our ears to pure thoughts.”[44]

– I will manifest a new face of Yurik.

– Other people’s books give little—write your own.

– You will write—I will help.

– No need to oppose when I speak.

– Learn to obey the Teacher.

– Be able to remove.

– Through Logvan, I will provide the amount for a happy country.

– I can arrange the best new wall around you.

– I will reveal a powerful support.

– The stranger sensed a necessary, simple, handy, and solid amount for Rerikh.

– I will point out the black day.

– I taught you not to question.

– I am your desirable quest, but it is better not to sit with a tired disciple.

– I gave a painting to Koshetz. It will bring success. I wish to manifest a pacifying power through it on Koshetz.

– Elena, understand, your happiness is with Me!

– I wish to show you several amazing phenomena—be able to perceive.

– I will send you My powerful word through Rerikh.

– I will manifest My love to My disciple.

– Enough.

29 May 1921

Allal-Ming. E. and N. Rerikh

After the meeting with theosophist Mrs. Bailly[45].

E.R.’s question, who is Allal-Ming—M.M. or M.K.H.—Learn yourself to know by heart.

– Rich man will purchase The Doomed City.

– You need to leave in mid-August.

– You will know.

E.R.’s remark—she feels that A.M. is M.M.—Your heart will tell.

– I will manifest My love.

– I am happy with you, Rerikh.

– The heart will disclose beloved husband.

– Teach the happiness of love.

– I will send you the message.

– Enough.

Night from May 29–30, 1921

Allal-Ming. Joint séance XIII, the last one.

E. and N. Rerikh, K. and I. Muromtsev, Shuberts, the Lichtmanns, A. U. Zak, L. A. Toreckaya

– Happiness will come to your path. In case of problems, you will ask Rerikh.

– I can soften the fate; talismans of happiness will be sent to believers.

– Preserve that painting as a memory about the Heavenly news.

– Sign it with My Name.

– It is very good that you will create harmony amidst your life.

– Others will also receive talismans.

– For the last time, we communicate in this group, and you will not forget this happy studio where good acts originated.

– “You will receive the knowledge and will walk the pure path, but beware of anger

and of doubt.

– If you conquer, you will receive the light.

– If you falter, the whirlwind will obscure your soul.

– Perfect yourselves, my friends, unwearyingly.

– Deny not the Voice of the Spirit, suppress only the earth-bound voices.

– Be daring—I am with you.”[46]

– “Teach others by the example of manifested deeds, but condemn not those still in darkness.

– Many there be still ignorant—forgive them, for their spirits slumber.

– (I am proud of My disciple!)

– Naught will daunt you, and the preordained Gates await you.

– Spurn cowardice—I shield the fearless ones.”[47]

– Now keep vigil; for seven minutes concentrate on Me.

Everybody tried hard to concentrate, but two participants fell asleep because of great tiredness and the late-night hour.

– God bless you!

– Enough.

30 May 1921, morning

Allal-Ming. E. and N. Rerikh

– Rerikh is correct—in her own mistakes, she is ready to blame Us.

– I will forward new manifestations—perceive them.

– I will provide a portrait through Rerikh.

– I will paint.

When?—Depends on you.

– Enough.

30 May 1921, evening

Allal-Ming. E. and N. Rerikh

– I am near you, Elena!

– I will send you the lost, best talismans.

– Remember, I am able to prepare you for a happy journey.

– I teach Rerikh pure, very bold ideas.

– Tell Zak not to trust Paris.

– I wonder about the cowardice of the sleeping ones.

– Your happiness is in your husband.

– I advise Muromtsev to stop grumbling.

– I advise.

– Hurry to count a new pay.

– Logvan lent for Rembrandt.

– You will have to give drawings–talismans to the Lichtmanns, Zak, and the Muromtsevs.

– Establish a new, pure school.

– Recollect the prophetical in the paintings: Mercury; Tiron; Cor Ardens; Ecstasy; Call of the bells; This is My messenger of the morning; Rise, friend; Message hath come; Desired at night is remembered in the morning.

– Stern Allal-Ming is at the rudder.

– Your Husband—a pure spirit is at the rudder.

– I am the best; I knock for a reason, but you are lighthearted.

– I knock; I am with you for a pure Prayer.

To E.R’s remark that she does not understand.

I deem you will grasp!

– Enough!

31 May 1921, evening

Allal-Ming. E. and N. Rerikh

– The pure consciousness of Rerikh perceives a new happy school.

– The new path of the Teacher is manifested through Rerikh.

– Rerikh, listen—I will indicate the happy school.

– Do not belittle Me, Rerikh!

– Teaching you is not fully rewarding!

– You, the painter, can comprehend other happy teachings!

– Some force prevents the Teacher to manifest.

– Pray to Christ for love.

– I deem new instructions are unnecessary.

– I love you.

– I fall asleep happy!

– Purer almost, through—I pray—My—niec—[48]

– I beg you to learn. I will give strength; I will help through Rerikh.

– The liver should be cleansed with soda. You know how!

– Enough.


[1] Readers’ Note: In the original text, the initials of Helena Roerich, Nicholas Roerich, and their sons, George and Svetoslav, usually appear in their Russian form, therefore in the translation we chose to transliterate them: N.R. (Nikolai Konstantinovich Rerikh for Nicholas Roerich; E.R. (Elena Ivanovna Rerikh) for Helena Roerich; Y.R. (Yuri Nikolayevich Rerikh, also Yurik) for George Roerich; Sv.R. (Sviatoslav Nikolayevich Rerikh, also Svetoslav, Svetik) for Svetoslav Roerich.—Ed.

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[24] Another reading option is “Elgaryo.”

[25] Sazhen: old Russian measure of length equal approximately to 2.13 m.

[26] Arshin: old Russian measure of length equal approximately to 0.71 m.

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[32] The word “priest” is crossed. In the line of the original is added: “Emperor BC”.

[33] In the line of the original there is added: “Dalai Lama, eighteenth century.”

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