September 29, 1921–November 11, 1921

Santa Fe

New Mexico


New York, 1921

September 29–November 11, 1921[1]

29 September 1921, morning, Santa Fe

Master Morya

– Rerikh, do not worry—the money will be there.

– The journey is good for the children.

– I will give you a clear, happy victory.

– After Santa Fe I want to send the new friends.

When and where should be printed the translated poem “The Hunter?”—Wait. Printing should be done here; I will let you know.

Addressing Yurik: Do not use Russian language with Pelio.

– The Spirit of Urusvati is able to behold My Flowers.

– Rumanov loves Rerikh.

– Urusvati, instruct the Lichtmanns not to listen to Nerons.

– My pupils, love unhappy people.

– Enough.

29 September 1921, evening

Teacher M.

– Be able to leave for Tibet.

– Through Rumanov, Russians will consider Rerikh a Master, fearing his power.

– Think about your journey to Tibet.

– Morya wishes to see you at His place teaching self-perfection.

– Enough.

30 September 1921, daytime

Teacher M.

– You can sit during the daytime at 3:00 p.m.

– Rerikh, success grows in San Francisco.

– People love your art and trust your teaching.

– Urusvati, show attention, “I rejoice in the smile undimmed by approaching fate.”[2]

– The spirit of Urusvati should be peaceful.

– Read the article in Messenger.

Which article?—M. Collins.

– You will learn the fate through a new manual way, and the hand will be stretched to assist you.

– Think about Tibet; help to establish harmony.

– You should be in Chicago.

– After eleven days, you will receive the letter from . . .

– From the new Teacher of My disciple . . .

– My disciple is Urusvati’s brother.

– Purusha teaches you; I shall set you on the path.

– Love him—Light approaches you.

– Who needs to know, will know.

– Enough.

30 September 1921, evening

Teacher M.

N. Rerikh felt anxious for the whole day.

– The Teacher will explain the cause of concern.

– I consider the exhibition in San Francisco very successful.

– Urusvati, tell the Lichtmanns to avoid newcomers—they should not reveal Morya’s teaching.

– A new person will approach you in Chicago—a Russian.

– He loves Rerikh and wants to help.

– Rerikh’s friend wants to help Morya’s pupil.

– After the talk, sleep peacefully.

– Enough.

1 October 1921, evening

Teacher M.

– Do not leave your suffering brother—Russians have a hard life in Urga.

– The Teacher knows about Chitusyaniya: the Doctrine of Compassion.

– Think about help—your wishes come true.

– I shall provide the house—your power will be strengthened.

– Rerikh pitied Bolm.

– Call, but without questions.

– You should feel sorry for the singer.

– Your wishes will help them.

– Rerikh and Urusvati, you have the power to ease concerns of others.

At this moment, the electricity slowly went out and the room sank into darkness.

– Morya is with you.

– You can punish betrayal and enmity against the Teacher.

– I shall grant.

– “I shall grant the power to create good not with money but with spirit.”[3]

– New Rerikh shall appear in Russia after the grave is happily passed.

– I am here, close—at the door to the bedroom.

The electricity turned on.

– Your spirit had manifested My appearance.

– Urusvati, wait for Me.

– “Banish anger, and the path to Us will be easier.

– Not wrath, but ardent rapture creates.”[4]

– Rumanov and Godovsky will be useful.

– I sense success of the exhibition.

– Urusvati, your happiness is in your husband.

– Enough.

– Call Bolm for tomorrow.

2 October 1921, daytime

Teacher M. E. and N. Rerikh, and B. A. Bolm

Before the séance there was a talk about Deryuzhinsky.

– You cannot save a fierce soul—you cannot hold Deryuzhinsky from his karma.

– I sent him a message, but to no avail.

– Olaf is not ill, but set out for New York at the earliest.

– Do not try to invoke Vera—she started her ascent.

– Olaf was embodied as Protagor, the Greek singer of the twelfth century AD.

B.A. narrated that Olaf often sings during his sleep.

– Phenomena of memory accompanies sleep.

Guidance to Bolm: Invite Bekefy as an employee; he is honest.

– For the school.

– The Teacher is ready to help Bolm.

– She will help her husband.

– But remember loyalty.

– Perceive the teaching with your spirit and know, all good gives birth to good.

– Learn—Urusvati will help.

– Bolm wants to know her past reincarnation.

– She was Yarupya, a Turk. Constantinople, in the sixteenth century AD.

– Work together.

– The Russians must show unity in America.

– Unite in spirit—place Bolm’s hands.

– My disciple will ask Me, if there is need.

– Urusvati, tell about the symbol of Gupta.

– Enough.

3 October 1921, daytime

Teacher M.

– The Teacher told Rerikh and Urusvati about Urga, and explained your brother’s situation.

– The Spirit will instruct to render help.

– Give some teachings to help the lonely one.

– Prepare a new speech for the students of the Chicago school.

– It is better for Svetik to shift to Boston.

– The graduation date is earlier.

– Russians do not require a diploma.

– You should telegraph Svetik; we shall continue tomorrow.

3 October 1921, evening

Teacher M.

– Go to bed, and take pyramidon.

– “Full of travail is your life, but vast are the depths of your happiness in the future

victory of the spirit.”[5]

– Spiritual struggle brings Urusvati towards the fair way to Lhasa.

– Rerikh should know, I will bestow a sign of success to My disciple.

– I shall grant happiness to My dear ones, but be strong.

– “Be imperturbable—your illusions damage your health, but if you have faith in Me, know that you are guarded by the Care and Shield of M.”[6]

– You can wait for Laurvik’s letter without weeping.

– Urusvati, read the book of Aurobindo Ghosh and remember a good pure book, Harmonics of Evolution.

– “M is aware of your hardships; a steep ascent is always difficult.

– To overcome fate requires fortitude.”[7]

Addressing E.R.: Be brave!

– Enough.

4 October 1921, daytime

Teacher M.

– The ray of Urusvati’s happiness will bring success in Chicago.

– Urusvati, pay due attention to the new person.

– You can send a telegram to Rerikh.

– I cannot pay the debt—Uroam.

To our question, who will pay for the apartment?—someone else will pay.

– You may start to paint the series Temples.

– Rumanov will arrange help from (Morfia).

– “Be not downcast, for you have many times crossed these rapids.”[8]

E.R. felt very tired—my dear, you are tired; tomorrow sit in the evening.

– Be able to remember Me well in five days.

– Enough.

4 October 1921, evening

Teacher M.

– Rerikh, know, you may send My Instruction to Carmel.

– Enough.

5 October 1921, evening

Teacher M.

The next morning it turned out that the man who was supposed to buy the painting “The Sons of the Heaven is able to arrive only after the end of the exhibition.

– Think about the exhibition, the clouds thickened over success of the sale of The Sons of the Heaven.

– “Be not dismayed at the Teacher’s criticisms.

– Pupils should rejoice at every message.”[9]

– Rumanov hurries his friends for a new fortunate decision.

– Twenty-seven—Urusvati.

– Rerikh should write to that person, who, being My disciple, wrote a pure book Rerikh’s Success.

Addressing E.R.: “Contemplate the spiritual guidance of One Teacher.”[10]

– Your task is to support the Hand grumbler; it will help him to think in pure spirit about the assistance received by the Master.

– Urusvati is great, unwavering.

E.R. thought whether her sons will not have to experience deprivation—I understand your thought, but do not worry.

– Your path is to ascend in spirit without learning from the books.

– Rerikh’s spirit is learning at night.

– Your thought can help the sale.

The next morning the telegram came with the news of two paintings being sold.

– I have prepared the ray for your clouds.

– “Your spirit presses onward;

– At the Gates I shall await you.

– My Breath shall warm your hands, and I shall guide you along the mountain path to the Temple.

(Addressing E.R.:)

– Love Me and your power will be multiplied, and your strength doubled.

– Your spirit transports your body beyond the earth.

– You must rejoice in the ascension through pure teachings.”[11]

– Urusvati, double your thoughts about the exhibition.

– I know what is needed.

– I sense Laurvick’s pure thoughts, but he is unable to sell.

– Fortune is near; do not worry.

– I deem Rerikh’s success is growing, and there is no need to worry.

– Urusvati, read Rerikh’s words in a poem “Counsel to the Hunter” and show him the 35th line.

The 35th line: “The whole doctrine of fear!”

– Enough.

6 October 1921, daytime

Teacher M.

– I think My dear pupils love Me better now.

– For Rerikh—until the ray is manifested, one cannot adopt My karmic teaching.

– You may call Bolm for today’s séance.

– Within five days you will receive a long-awaited letter from Hessen, concerning the Russian edition of My Flowers.

– My disciple defeated uvurs’ ray even before the given deadline.

To E.R.’s remark that she does not understand the previous sentence—it means one more victory.

– The consciousness of strangers is dull; do not entrust them with My letters.

– Take rest until Bolm comes.

6 October 1921, daytime

Teacher M. E. and N. Rerikh, and B. Bolm

– The Spirit of Urusvati wants to help Bolm, teaching with the book The Inner Life better than The Great Ones.

– Morya-ruler, teaches on the phenomena of inner life, not on the phenomena of Great Teachers.

– We shall reveal to Bolm her Guardian.

– Yarul—was a Turkish mullah in the tenth century AD.

– Pray, be able to approach; you shall receive the image.

– Perceive by heart; do not listen to the foolish wisemen.

– We will come to you as friends, and open the seals of the gate.

– Do not learn the rules of the Theosophical Society, but grasp the essence of the Guardians.

– Read books for the achievement, not for the bookcase.

– I shall name Bolm’s [husband’s] Guardian: Petko—Bulgarian, shield bearer of Vass, Prince of Dobrudja in the sixth century AD.

– Enough.

7 October 1921, daytime

Teacher M.

– I think that now the exhibition is arranged.

– The Romanovs will not return to power.

– Urusvati, your happiness is in your husband.

On a humorous note that N.R. taps it for himself—Rerikh is not tapping.

– I think after Chicago, your financial situation will be better.

– You can peacefully believe My Word.

– Morya knows your decision to support the Teacher until His appearance against the Imposter.

– Twenty-seven—Urusvati.

– The spirit of Urusvati is able to manifest pure insights.

– Your friends did not grasp My precepts (the Lichtmanns).

To E.R.’s question whether the Teacher speaks with reproach—Yes.

– Hand grumbler, Hand grumbler, Hand grumbler.

– He is ungrateful (Yurik).

To E.R.’s question how is Svetik feeling—he is smiling (Svetik).

– Enough.

8 October 1921, daytime

Teacher M.

– It is risky and unwise to let the Teacher’s disciples feel deprived of money.

– I shall provide you the best opportunity.

– My friends, now you are happy disciples of the Guardian.

– You shall see how money will come.

– Urusvati’s spirit, giving counsel to Rerikh, does not know how much is needed for India—leave it to Me.

– I think the exhibition sale will succeed.

These days N.R. complained of pain in the heart—I am thinking how to help you so that the pupil’s heart does not hurt.

– A friend will help you, I vouch.

– Urusvati– Udraya, thinking light-mindedly about Me, deems I did not help with Pelio.

– I shall establish a worthy school.

– Urusvati did not recognize My Hand; be able to grasp My manifestation—soon you shall see something.

– Rerikh, do not tire.

– The Teacher sends Urusvati for a walk.

9 October 1921, morning

Teacher M.

– I sent pure fluids for the beloved disciple through dear Urusvati.

– “Message for Hille: Roerich must decorate Masonic temple—shall inspire view of my Temple on Mount Moriah.” *

– Rerikh shall display a worthy labor in My Name and can start a new journey.

– Your wishes are coming true.

– I shall manifest the arrows to Urusvati at her desire, but use them only in the most important cases.

– This disease provided a reorganization of the body.

– You know, your body was shaken before you were born.

– One more “message for Hille: Ya, Ya, Ya.” *

– Morya considers My pupil’s work to be pure.

– Consider everything possible.

– You will know when you need to.

– Develop what has been given to you.

To E.R.’s question, what has been given to her?—the arrows of Benevolent Power; except in cases of special karma your good arrows will reach its aim.

– In important cases that you can always use My Special Power.

– Enough.

9 October 1921, evening

Teacher M.

Is it true that Mrs. Cassidy saw the Master standing at the table?—Yes.

Why did it seem to her that the beard of the Master is grey?—Turban bandage.

– She has a well-developed clairvoyance.

– You shall see—I will come to visit a dear pupil—soon.

– You thought a lot about money.

– Urusvati, be calm.

– My caress is always with you.

– “There is no love greater than love.”[12]

– The Teacher tells Rerikh to sleep. Rerikh is tired.

– Enough.

10 October 1921, evening

Teacher M.

Upon returning from a trip to Pecos, we found remarkably good letters from our sons and others clarifying future opportunities. Thus, the Master’s indication “Remember Me well in five days” came true.

– My beloved sufferers, your path becomes clear.

– I shall bring you to Tibet.

– Do not complain about Cassidy’s presence at your place.

– I deem Cassidy is useful to reveal My Presence around Rerikh.

– Cassidy will come to you to learn.

– The spirit of Marshall is not yet ready.

– Instruct Cassidy to establish a branch of the Theosophical Society here.

– Cassidy will have bad influence on the school.

– Rerikh, read the manifested letter tomorrow.

– I love when you are harmonious.

– “Naught occurs by accident.”[13]

– Rerikh read well yesterday.

– “My Power is with you.”[14]

– Distrust should not disturb our harmony.

– “We can change Our appearance.”[15]

– The bright one should maintain harmony until new achievements occur in Chicago.

– Enough.

11 October 1921, daytime

Teacher M.

In the morning N. Rerikh received by mail the letter promised by the Master.

E.R. received the promised, miraculous portrait of Master Morya, and the similarity of the portrait with the Appearance of the Master in London was amazing!

– O, Urusvati, We teach you to trust Us.

– “Through faith increase your strength.”[16]

– I manifested the Eye.

– I manifested the Dove.

– I manifested the Images.

– Show creativity to approach Tibet.

– A new friend will render help at night—the phenomena will be accomplished.

– You will defeat fate in November.

– My love is with you.

– Enough.

12 October 1921, evening

Teacher M.

– Fatal darkness overshadowed Rumanov’s mind.

– The spirit of Urusvati is tormented by the Teacher’s appearance in London, but the first call was still in Petrograd.

– Urusvati’s uncle crossed a pure border.

What is his name?—Mohamedi—disciple of Master Morya.

Which uncle?—Father’s brother. He is with Us.

– Urusvati’s uncle vouches that you have accepted the Teacher seriously and followed the correct path.

– Rerikh, establish My thought at Cor Ardens in Chicago.

– Convey a pure, Russian, broad thought about the homeland to the Hand grumbler.

– Motherland does not need the mayhem.

– You can claim your respect as My pupil.

– Urusvati strides the right way, and will reach Tibet.

– “M is your smile, your bliss, your strength, your wisdom.”[17] 

– Ask Cassidy, by phone, what did she see.

– I guess she will bring a chorus of birds. I vouch to Rerikh.

– Success awaits you in Chicago.

– Send arrows to the exhibition.

– Your success has begun.

– Safeguard it.

– There are arrows in your quiver.

– Tomorrow sit at noon.

– Enough.

– Call Cassidy.

– I love My Urusvati.

After speaking with Cassidy and asking what she saw, she was very surprised. Half an hour later, she phoned back, and in an unusually agitated voice, she narrated about the vision she just saw of Master M. and about the message she saw and heard, which she promised to bring to the railway station.

“The Master speaks a various language, and He uses different channels for His differing needs. Knew ye not My presence yesterday in your turmoil in the midst of a calm? I bring to you your guide, who is My child Zermoth. Zermoth will guide you and instruct in My absence. Him will I direct. Thus through him will I guide you. He will write for you the message I desire to give to others. Fear not and distrust not. You were brought here for no idle purpose, but as a lamp set in a dark room. So let your light shine through the gloom. Keep thou in touch with my children, through whom you have met Me. They will help and together we will spread the Message throughout the land. I will send you a token that you may know you are of the chosen band. It will come in due season. So fret not nor grow weary. You are a link now grown strong to bind the worlds together. Listen to Zermoth, and write what he says. My blessing rests upon you as I leave.

Master M.

Oct 13–21” *

13 October 1921, daytime

Teacher M.

– No more secret questions.

– I talk openly.

– “All that can be absorbed by your being is given to you.

– Even those tokens of Our Great Trust, Our Arrows.

– But in battle arrows do not always reach their mark;”[18]

– These days you have touched too many old things.

– Turn back.

– “The spiritual life is always affected when your possessions are too many.”[19]

– Rerikh, the Teacher is happy with you—concerning your discussion with Mrs. S.

– (Urusvati,) “learn to give more power to your arrows.

– You are ascending—walk the way of devotion and of love.”[20]

– My dear ones, start your journey, everything is fine.

– Enough.

15 October 1921, evening, Chicago

Teacher M.

– My children, I love you.

E.R. asked the Master, what does His appeal My children” mean? The answer was that they have become even closer to Him.

– “Love Me—your Spiritual Teacher.”[21]

– I shall strengthen you tonight.

– My phenomena in the restaurant meant to improve Urusvati’s destiny under people’s eyes.

On E.R.’s remark, that they seemed to stare at them too much—Yes!

Why were they looking at us like that?—They sensed the hostile force.

– Rerikh, rejoice—I shall manifest My Power tomorrow.

– (Rerikh,) “your destiny is to bring the inextinguishable Light to ardent hearts.

– Rerikh, realize the joy of fighting for My Cause.

– Easy is destruction, but you must build wisely.”[22]

– A friend will come and help you to leave for Tibet.

– Sing in Chicago; do not worry.

On the last evening in Santa Fe during dinner, the water from the dripping tap suddenly began to play a very complex rhythmic dance, and was very joyful with very funny variations. It lasted about ten minutes. Approaching Chicago, one of the passengers suddenly began to whistle the same tune, but we did not get a chance to ask him what the song was, for the train was coming to the station.

– Communicate to Quinton—“Shall join the Theosophical Society in Buffalo and help Master’s work—Ya—Ya—Ya.” *

– Her Mother comforts her with a new teaching. Urusvati, write to her.

– Let the spirit of Rerikh not fear the impure.

– I vouch Rerikh wins.

– Now enough.

Can we show the portrait to the Volkovs?—Yes.

Which of them is spiritually more receptive?—She.

– “Being able to help is a great happiness.”[23]

16 October 1921, daytime

Teacher M.

– I shall infringe on the haters of Cor Ardens.

– The spirit of Rerikh should pierce with steel through the mighty, harsh, fatal love.

– “Cut not your love.” * I—I—I.

– Write to the Hand grumbler about Me. He may lose consolation in life.

– Put after the Name, the signature of Allal-Ming.

– My Name is given to you.

– You may write to Advey.

– Urusvati should not complain.

– Her share is high.

– Learn to come quickly to Me in India.

– I responded with all My Signs, My daughter.

– I deem it is impossible to speed up more your high way to India, My impatient daughter.

– If you can speed up the destiny, I am always happy.

– I beseech you, execute the given instructions, and every approach to the journey will be blessed by feeling of My nearness.

To E.R.’s remark that even if she is unable to go to Tibet, still she will be happy by implementing the Master’s instructions—your journey is not for you.

– I send you My Love and Blessings.

– Enough.

17 October 1921, evening

Teacher M.

On the evening of October 17, we spent at the Volkovs; M.M. allowed sitting with them. A lot has been said for them. The last sentence pertained to us.

– I saw what was needed.

– For Udraya—let him not listen to the Russians.

18 October 1921, evening

Teacher M.

– Tell Mrs. Moody about Me.

– I sent joy to Rerikh.

– Through sadness and devotion shown to the Teacher.

– Urusvati, you can carry My portrait.

– Excessively printed.

– Show Mrs. Moody My portrait.

– “Know to spread happiness—condemn not.”[24]

– Enough.

19 October 1921, evening

Teacher M.

– I brought you to the first successes on the way to Tibet.

– I think that now happiness will be clearer to you.

– Urusvati, you are calling people to a pure, clear road.

– My beloved, you did the right thing today.

– Tomorrow you will receive a letter from Mrs. Moody, but you have a lot of new friends.

A person who should be revealed one vision —Hille.

A remark caused by E.R.’s question, why did He pay attention to someone insignificant like her?

– Urusvati, do not doubt My Mind.

– Enough.

20 October 1921, night

Teacher M.

– It is Professor Bois, who is worthless and insignificant.

– The spirit of Rerikh knows Urusvati’s thought.

– The mouth speaks, but the spirit knows.

– Tomorrow I will grant a clairvoyant My vision.

– Rerikh should teach in My manifested, beloved school.

– I think your success is growing.

– Enough.

– I wear the body of Raja Charnoya—the family of Akbar’s wife.

21 October 1921, morning

Teacher M.

– “I offer you the ability to understand people.

– Each word and Indication from Me, however brief, has meaning for you in life.”[25]

– Moody is a good soul, but her ears are often closed.

– I sense your friend is coming.

– I shall bestow the power which transforms characters.

– Enough.

22 October 1921, evening

Teacher M.

– “I smile at your temper, but praise your devotion to Me.”[26]

– You shall behold the Father and the Teacher.

– You will learn a lot with Us.

– Urusvati, send your arrows to Rerikh for his classes.

Why did the clairvoyant in a trance, kiss E.R.’s hand?—the hand of the queen of India.

– Be able to leave by Wednesday.

– Enough.

23 October 1921, night

Teacher M.

– Not bad.

– Urusvati did a right thing.

Is Miss Abel a disciple of M.M.?—No.

– The Teacher considers you His children.

– Rerikh, I grant you My Blessing. My warrior, display the strength of spirit, and on Monday morning visit Charles Crane.

– I shall give you strength.

– I will manifest My Love.

– Enough.

23 October 1921, morning

Teacher M.

– “I value your love amidst the stress of life.”[27]

– You should write—“Hit us not and we shall save you from all danger.” *

– Tell Prokofiev and Anisfeld.

– In January.

– “Each enemy of Master must perish.

Roerich and Urooswati—My warriors.

It must be transferred to De Bey.

Message—Ruler speaks. *

– De Bey is your friend.

– De Bey’s thoughts are pure.

– Urusvati loves the truth.

– Enough.

24 October 1921, morning

Teacher M.

– “I send you My Shield—know to defend M as I defend you.”[28]

– “Understand the soul of your brother; labor untiringly, show understanding, behold the power of My Shield.”[29]

– I forwarded good people to you.

– But do not talk about Me to the Russians.

– “There are many wonders in this world, and a pure and ardent striving leads to victory.”[30]

– Time to go.

– Enough.

24 October 1921, daytime

El. Pavl. and An. Mavr. Volkovs, and E. and N. Rerikh

– “True calmness of spirit is tested by the trifles of daily life.

– Comfort is given you by the assurance of Our Protection on the path of Good.

– Russian Consul, remember Our Message given in the morning; you will be the witness.

– Manifested today.

– Russian Consul, you ought to know that We read your mind—overcome and remain on the path to Us.

– A pure heart is in your house; Our Sign will be given through it.

– I consider Elena to be a pure heart.

– It is necessary to take care of a pure heart.

– A feeling of joy will come to your house.

– My Shield is upon you; go to V. Hoock and remember, you are the Russian Consul.

– Friends, I will give you a sign from New York.

– The reason for a useful cooperation, I will indicate by a letter.

– Russian Consul, imagine Russia and do not call Bakhmetyev at all—there is no need to open the door to passers-by—be a representative yourself; you hold the Russian shield.

– Russian Consul, know your position, I shall manifest My Shield to you—in your hands is a sword against the shields of strangers, receding, and departing ones.

– Do not cause Zak surprise by the news about Bakhmetyev—do not tell him.

– Good-bye, follow My orders.

– “Ruler speaks.” *

– Ardent striving leads to victory.

– Enough.

26 October 1921, morning, New York

Teacher M.

– The Lichtmanns are proper people for the Russian hands.

– Show compassion tonight.

– “Love the unhappy.”[31]

– I Myself will explain tonight.

– I have sent through the Guardian, but they forgot to address the Guardian, and thus mixed the current.

– Do not be vile—feel more compassion.

– Their souls smell better than body odor.

– “Unpreparedness is not transgression.”[32]

– Do not reveal the royal incarnations. My letters are for you.

– I will Myself smooth it out.

– But please do not say anything to the Russians.

– Call the Lichtmanns tonight—tell them I will speak.

– Call Barry—let her talk. I shall direct.

– “Have compassion for the humble.”[33]

– It is not dangerous.

– Until tonight.

– Enough.

The letter has been received from Mrs. Advey with the message from Master Rakoczy.

“Our brother N. Roerich, will have many perplexities. The Art world is in a turmoil of change—seeking, doubting, experimenting, rejecting—unable to go Within or Far Above to the perennial Source of Beauty and Harmony. Yet from the strife and the cloud great good will come which will gladden all hearts. Be prepared for initial difficulties.” *

26 October 1921, evening

S. and M. Lichtmann and E. and N. Rerikh

– I will give you explanation of your phenomena.

– “A blessed Guide is given to each of you, for your happiness.

– Turn to Him alone, with all the strength of your spirit;

Else will the door be left ajar and the currents confused.

– Invoke the blessed Guide not with questions but by affirmation.

– If I send a message through your Guide, the current will be direct.

– Hearken not to those who approach when you are not alert.

– A window open to darkness is also open to the voices of the night.

But a call of love will bring response from the Beloved.

– Love Those Who have chosen you.

– (You can accept a kindred greeting, but through your Guardian.)

– Realize the ties that bind you to your Guide and naught unworthy will come near to you.”[34]

– Ask Zak not to forget what he forgot.

– Coming to know Us, be attentive, and do not raise your Sword to a passer-by.

– You may start My school. I sent you to spread My Word across America, and everyone will be shown the place of battle in My Name.

– “Love! Discern! Strike evil!

– My Blessings are with you.”[35]

– Enough.

27 October 1921, evening

Teacher M.

– Rerikh, value Lichtmann’s pure thoughts about your creativity.

– Love pure people.

– Urusvati, allow Surguchay to thank you for the returned pupils. Call now.

– Rerikh, read the book of Ramakrishna, the tenth page and line five.

Ramakrishna—tenth p[age]. “As a lamp brought into a room, which has been in darkness for a thousand years, illumines it immediately, even so the light of Jnana illumines the Jiva, and dispels his age-long ignorance.”

– “Brother N. Rerikh, tremendous success to be seen on your trial—light enter— your head with splendid aura illuminated.                        Master Rakoczy” *   

– Enough.

28 October 1921, daytime

Teacher M.

– Urusvati, he will finish the needed work and return the money (Shooking).

– (Urusvati,) “rejoice when you can give to those whom you have known before.

– Happiness will come when the old debts are paid.”[36]

– (Urusvati,) sharpen your arrows![37]

– You have a great gift for helping people.

– “If you like not the symbol of the arrow, take that of the carrier pigeon.

– Arrows of thought are energy, which, like electricity, must be concentrated at one point.

– You can easily imagine propelling an object.”[38]

– The concept of an arrow was proposed only because you have been given an ancient Greek symbol (Tyrone).

– “You can easily imagine an electric spark.

– Directed energy spurs a desire to act creatively in those to whom you send it.”[39]

– Arrows do not pierce the painting, but create an atmosphere for the viewer—if you continue the efforts of striving, you can even create a miraculous object.

– Beloved, have you not noticed how much your ability has grown to help the people through the New World.

– You will see other amazing images as well.

– “In the Universe all things are but a reflection of the Divine, and in each spark of light the Divine Energy is at play.

– Light unto all of you!”[40]

– Enough.

28 October 1921, evening

Teacher M. S. and I. Muromtsevs, E. and N. Rerikh

– I know Urusvati’s pure thoughts.

– “The rebellious spirit shatters the bolts of the prison doors.”[41]

– Ilya displays adoption of pure learning.

– (I deem he) “may teach others to read the Book of Wisdom as disclosed in the happenings of life.”

– The wonder of Our Participation in the manifestations of life will not elude you.

– (Mutolya—the ruler, exacting judgments,) shun the imperfections of your spirit, and ascend with a sense of spiritual freedom.”[42]

– The teacher will preserve your veracity.

– “Be firm in your assertion of happiness in life, and the thread of the path will not break.”[43]

– Sana, you should think about the Guardian.

– How can He help if access is closed?

– “Prayers to the Creator are offered not only in temples—the wax of the candle burns also in the labors of life.”[44]

– Enough.

29 October 1921, daytime

Ilya Muromtsev, E. and N. Rerikh

– “I have called you for a great task.

The Teacher has entrusted its success unto you.

The strength needed to follow Me is bestowed upon you.

Arrows, shields, swords have you received, and with My Helmet shall I protect your


Fight in My Name, may love dwell with you.”[45]

Can we see R. Steiner; can we go to him?—He will come to you.

– “The promise will be fulfilled in due time.

– Keep the flame alight—I teach.”[46]

– Enough.

29 October 1921, daytime

Teacher M.

– To envy poor Koshetz is indecent for My daughter.

– Having received My love, go and create a great work.

– I will not humiliate you by offering appeasement.

– You are close to the Light.

– Let the violent ones be lulled shadows.

– “Hearken to the Celestial Song, and when on the summits of the mountains, pine not for the flowers in the valley.”[47]

– Our Love and Blessings are with you.

– Warn Koshetz—the dangers are many; let her not talk too much.

Whom can Koshetz tell?—Nobody. Should not to the Volkovs.

– I give her a test.

Where shall we live? Can we live [. . .]?

– I shall give the sign.

– Enough.

30 October 1921, morning

Teacher M.

– “I rejoice in your striving for creation.

– Miracles are created in life amidst action and in tensed harmony.

– Dreams are realized not in fairy tales but through happy communion with the Ways of the Blessed Ones.

– The Teacher is near you at every moment of your creative labor.

– Learn—and teach.”[48]

– I love you.

– Enough.

– Tomorrow.

31 October 1921, morning

Teacher M. M. Lichtmann, E. and N. Rerikh

– I granted.

31 October 1921, evening

Teacher M.

– “Pure deeds perform miracles.”[49]

– I manifested a happy Russian school to you.

– “Learn to love My Work.”[50]

– You can help with your arrows.

– You are helping Me.

– “The spiritual dynamo must act in harmony, then My Currents flow without interruption.”[51]

Is the current interrupted during mood changes?

– “Changes of mood do not affect the currents, but fluctuations of the aura cause interrupting waves.

– Constancy of the aura assures harmony.

– The flame of the candle spreads light to all, but smothered by a drop of anger, it sputters and must be set aright.

– Let your flame be steady and bright, My beloved daughter!

– M is ever with you.”[52]

– I shall provide the work in the school.

– Help to clean obsolete walls. Help to create the proper image of the room.

– You can call Haveman.

– Display understanding.

– Send the article to Shibayev.

Answer to E.R.’s remark that the article is wonderful—Morya is glad and loves you.

– Enough.

1 November 1921, daytime

Teacher M.

– Comrade Shalyapin can harm you at Ch. Crane.

– Wait for success of the Snow Maiden until the meeting with Ch. Crane.

– The Russian Consul may call Crane on the Snow Maiden, as on a Russian holiday.

– Russia’s best friend must be present.

– Show strength to forward the joy.

– The Teacher knows everything.

– You can alter Hand grumbler’s horoscope by your journey to India.

– Circumstances will improve happily.

– “Knowledge will help you to avoid danger.”[53]

– Let him remember Tagore’s friendship.

– Knowledge will help him to strengthen the far-reaching happiness.

– Cheer up and prepare your trip.

– Morya summons.

– “Knowledge of My Manifestations will multiply your strength.

– Fearless is the Apostle!”[54]

– Enough.

2 November 1921, evening


– Can we call Raap?—let him first read The Inner Life.

– The Hand grumbler perceives changes of destiny in the life events.

– Your happiness will cover the head of Timur.

– Words of happiness should not cause tears.

– I give strength to create happiness.

– The icon will help Rerikh create happiness.

– It was painted in India.

– The Talisman will be created.

– By the icon, I will hand you the key to My Talisman.

To E.R.’s remark that she does not understand the previous sentence—My daughter, “you will realize the given happiness in due time.

– (You cannot leave—) the mist enfolds the foot of the mountain, but the summit is ever bathed in the sun’s glory.”[55]

– But just hurry to set off, and time will pass unnoticed during your preparations.

Can she always resort to His help?—Decide yourself.

– In important cases, it is always possible.

– It is better to find the strength there, where the Master’s instructions are executed.

E.R. felt tired and doubted whether she will be able to convince R.—You will have strength.

To E.R.’s remark that she was in a bad mood caused by the awareness of how little she knows—“Under its rays the mist clears, and you behold My Love.”[56]

– Enough.

3 November 1921, evening


– “The Teacher rejoices with you in the glory of creation in life when it tends toward good.”[57]

– You may hurry to get ready for Tibet, being not discouraged, but acting joyfully.

– When sitting at Tulle, you did not dream of America.

– You will earn—Passedvan’s treasures are waiting for you.

– The silence and coolness of the Tower of Chun are beneficial to health.

– Better to go ahead than spinning wheels.

– “Before thirty, the necessary centers do not unfold.

– Fifteen more years must pass before the effects of the flame are visible.”[58]

– Christ is not a soldier, but even He appeared after the age of thirty.

– “But the sparks of light will be visible before that time.”[59]

– You have seen the signs even as a child.

– The light of the spirit is one.

– I cannot send you earlier than Udraya and Lumou can go with you.

– Start learning Bengali, the spoken language.

– Learn Sanskrit—Udraya will help during the Christmas.

– Show your readiness for the journey.

– Lumou will adorn his path with creating the Temple of My Name. There you shall with Me, jointly offer pure elation to the Lord.

– The predestined will be accomplished.

– Enough.

4 November 1921, daytime


– Urusvati, send new arrows.

– Help Rerikh’s ear to grasp.

– The Russian tongue rushed to slander you.

– Suvorina, Shubert denounced the Teacher. Do not try to explain to them—do not talk anymore.

– Tell them there are a lot of wonders in the world . . .

– “Careful judgment will foster My Cause.”[60]

– You may send Rapokovili as a Guardian to the hunter.

– My daughter, do not be angry with Shibayev—he loves the Teacher.

– The Russians cannot understand the possibility revealed to you; your overly bright phenomena show their poverty.

– Other Russians, not these, will follow you.

4 November 1921, daytime

M. I. Muromtsev, E. and N. Rerikh

– I summon fiery souls—My Shield will cover you.

– “Display understanding and tolerance toward other teachings.

– The events of life will convince where words are powerless.

– Gather a few of the elect and distance yourselves from the abuse of those who are unprepared.”[61]

– New opportunities are growing in Ilya.

– “When satisfied with worldly life, the spirit cannot enter the Promised Temple.

– True happiness knocks at the (Russian) heart’s portals, but the Holy Words are not given entrance.

– Happiness rejected is happiness departed.

– (Compare the phenomena of life.)

– I send you Bliss.”[62]

– Enough.

5 November 1921


– Rerikh, love Russians; you are destined to lead Russia.

– I will cover you with the pure Shield.

– Urusvati, the Teacher knows the decisions of the Brotherhood.

– We have work for each of you.

– I shall reveal new signs in due time.

– I shall grant the Power to build new Russia for the Lord.

– Avoid the Russians; go your own way.

– From all sides, from all countries, I will send you help.

– No need to elect, accept those who come to you. Your disciples will approach you.

– “Accept the accidental as preordained.

– All is foreseen by Us.

– Every seemingly random event is a page of the future.”[63]

– All four of you, be harmonious, and your strength will be multiplied.

– A journey to India will strengthen these acts.

– “Work in valor, and in peace.”[64]

– You must know your path.

– The spirit of Lichtmann needs support.

– Love the little ones as I love you.

– Be compassionate, and you will help many.

To E.R.’s remark that yesterday the Master was so close, but not today—I am equally near.

– My Love is always with you.

– Enough.

6 November 1921, morning


– The fall of the Suvorins can prevent the collapse of Mara.

– You can easily persuade Suvorina to go to Serbia.

– Tell Suvorina that her destiny will be usefully unfolded in Serbia.

– Lumou should show respect to the shield of the stout person.

– The builder, your luck will reveal a New Image of Russia.

Urusvati, pay attention to the Temple, and I will give useful comparisons of the sent messages.

The Temple—magazine.

Through whom has been transmitted the letter of M.M.?—it was manifested through Tumulta—you will meet her, but for you “The Temple” is needed only for comparisons. Hilarion has six children and seventy disciples.[65]

– “The Teacher wishes to reveal to you how innumerable are the assaults upon the walls of the White Lodge.

– (Lunch hour came.)

– The time for understanding Cosmos will come.

– A miracle performed is like a lamp when lit.

– Afterwards none will remember the darkness of the chamber.

– God knows all worlds.

– Love and create, and full joy will come.”[66]

– Fulfill the assignment, and the joy will be kindled.

Why do we not remember anything about our stay on the astral and other levels?—The secret of the world structure is thus preserved.

To E.R.’s remark that she wants to know everything—It is a reasonable wish.

How?—The way is to execute instructions.

– Nearest is in the school.

– Everyone must work.

– I shall instruct.

– Enough.

7 November 1921, daytime

M. I. Muromtsev, E. and N. Rerikh

– Uchshekay—is not Koot-Hoomi.

– Convey to Koshetz any made-up message. Let her calm down with the songs.

What to write to N. Pavlova?—Sing and glorify the Creator through your talent. Transmit your respect to the Guardian Uchshekay.

Can I tell Koshetz where to get a portrait of K.H.?

– The portrait demands harmonious attitude, not the idolatry.

– Help Suvorina to set off for Serbia.

Can we tell Muromtsev about Suvorina?

– You can tell. Saving Mara, I pointed to you the way of Suvorina.

– Happily aspire to the school.

– Muromtsev will soon find a useful solution.

7 November 1921, evening


– Happiness will strengthen your position among the waves of battle.

– “M is accustomed to battle, and My children must be wise warriors.

– The unity of nations will come through struggle,”[67] and you already feel parts of the assigned mission.

– Jesus showed the image of the Jew, but he was the Greatest.

– Morya revealed the unity of the tribes—he showed the way to disciples.

– Even now the words of love in India are forged by the hammer of battle.

– “I rejoice in beholding a valorous spirit.”[68]

– Urusvati likes battle.

– “Fight wisely now, for Our enemies are also your enemies.

– I send you My Love and Strength.”[69]

– Enough.

What book did the Teacher show her yesterday?—I shall send the book, then you will recognize it.

8 November 1921, daytime


– I sense a ray of Rerikh will bring help soon.

– “Show valor in battle.

– Short is the teaching about humanity, but comprehending it is a lengthy task.”[70]

– The steering paddle is wisely passed to your hand—hurry, Viking.

– A ship with a high tip will accept those who are destined to sail to Our Land.

– “The curtain is swept aside, and the unknown is made known.

– The mind comprehends not the ways of the heart, but the heart knows.

– I speak not of the things of today.

– The spirit is filled with foreboding of coming events—the currents vibrate.

– And the happenings of the Universe are interbound with men’s lives, and the resounding of Its strings is intricate.”[71]

– Before your journey to India, things will be done.

– “The Creator’s Manifestations should not put to flight the warriors but should wing them on.

– Forge your arrows, I send you love.”[72]

– Enough.

9 November 1921, daytime


– Message to Chistyakov: Verily I say, be on vigil; kindle your heart, and keep the lamps of young hearts alight.

– Receive My messenger, and know Him who will bring My Sign from the mountain peaks.

– I shall grant at the appointed time.

– Verily I say, be on vigil.

– “My children, many will come to you.

– They will write to you and appear before you.

– They will demean you and they will extol you.

– But you will pass them by, as markers on the way, and your feet will be cleansed by the snow of the mountains.

– The Teacher will adorn your days with laurel and will refresh you with His healing aromas.”[73]

– The Russians must recognize My Sign.

– “Blessed are you who face the assaults by the evil ones—they attest that you battle for Me.

– (Urusvati,) fear not being insufficiently active; the air is tense and the fiery cross of love will cover the field of your battle, and the song of harmony will ascend.”[74]

– Enough.

10 November 1921, daytime


– “Wonders are manifest in life.

– Open your eyes and you will perceive.”[75]

– “Message Mrs. Moody: ‘Be careful with spiritual treasures.’” *

– I continue for Chistyakov: The power of the Teacher will reveal an image worthy of Russia. We will show the best connection with chosen hearts, and send a message through the named Allal-Ming. Keep the secret.

– Convey to the youth that their pure hopes ascend up to Us, and all buried treasures of the spirit will bloom in one Holy Night.

– The preordained will be accomplished.

– Rejoice, the vigilant ones!

– I continue further: You can understand close hearts by their beating.

– Now for you: I instruct you to stop all the talk about Me to the Russians.

– To Lichtmann—only what I specify.

– Be careful, when I indicate it.

– You need to learn in life; remembering your task and carefully carrying My Name. Build a school, and pay attention to all My Signs.

– My love is with you—value My time.

To E.R.’s question, what do the hot currents mean, which she felt while picking up the Bengali book that was sent?—The currents of the future sun of India.

Explanation of the vision—Key of the Temple.

Explanation of the vision of the ring on the hand of M.M.—The ring of Solomon.

11 November 1921, morning


– Urusvati, smile and aspire towards predestined mountains.

– “All things will take their designated places and many things will come to pass, and We shall manifest the needed signs.”[76]

– Moody saw Me and perceiving, she slightly opened her heart, but in her soul there is still a lot of sleep.

– “Not always does the eye perceive the sun’s rays, but the sun ever warms the earth.

– Love’s warmth is lavished upon you, and your spirit has no room for a cold barrenness of soul.”[77]

– Name the person who in the pit of New York has daily visions; then you will understand nearness to Me.

– We can entrust you with the Temple Key.

A vision of a casket with strange decorations—The signs We will put on you in order to recognize the essence of things by touch.

A vision of a book and a written page.

– Write down and remember the quote from Perfect Way, which I gave today.

– Everything will come in due time, and after completing the task of the school, you will start a new mission.

– Lay on Me the plans of your way, and put all your trust and creativity in the execution of My Command.

– Strain your creativity in the matter of the school.

– Everyone will have work.

– There is no boring work, and proclaiming My school should not burden you.

– Direct your thoughts; sense your work for the school.

– The execution of the order will speed up the path.

– Enough.

12 November 1921, morning


– Teach Chistyakov to prepare Russians for the role of Bearers of the Spirit—dispersing the darkness and asserting the Light.

– Chistyakov can show selfless work of love for the spiritual development of young people, which will become the basis of the Russian movement.

– Morya took control of Russia.

– While building Russia in the desert, We shall manifest another Master; and descending from the ancient walls, He will bless the minds.

– The future belongs to Russia.

– Let Us decide.

– “The unworthy will depart.

– The Great Plan for the rise of the new race is wisely designed.”[78]

– You also belong to it.

– Our Power requires workers who have foreseen the path of Russia.

– Rerikh will explain the importance of the idea—Urusvati shall give the way of the books.

– Morya will remain with you in love and wisdom.

– Powerfully combine new wisdom with your life unrecognized by others.

– Enough.

The visions:

A hand holding a round object—the Empire.

Two other hands carrying an oblong object on something dark—Morya took control of Russia—the scepter.

At the same time, a voice in English uttered:

– “You must know that He is the King, you must remember that He is the King.”*

The voice of Master K.H.


Passedvan – Tocharian king—one of the owners of the Stone. A fragment of a meteorite from the constellation Orion. King Passedvan’s treasure is often referred to as “Passedvan Stone,” “Passedvan,” or “Stone.”

[1] Readers’ Note: In the original text, the initials of Helena Roerich, Nicholas Roerich, and their sons, George and Svetoslav, usually appear in their Russian form, therefore in the translation we chose to transliterate them: N.R. (Nikolai Konstantinovich Rerikh for Nicholas Roerich; E.R. (Elena Ivanovna Rerikh) for Helena Roerich; Y.R. (Yuri Nikolayevich Rerikh, also Yurik) for George Roerich; Sv.R. (Sviatoslav Nikolayevich Rerikh, also Svetoslav, Svetik) for Svetoslav Roerich.—Ed.

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