New York

May 23, 1922July 19, 1922[1]

23 May 1922, New York

– Count every possibility.

– You have to make it before departure.

– Udraya can knock on a new door.[2]

– “(Udraya), By example, you can instruct others in resourcefulness.

– In every circumstance are contained different possibilities, but (his) the mind must be directed toward the light.”[3]

– “Venerable is the dust of books,

– But the spirit soars better without dust.”[4]

– My Shield is with you; you should forward a vibrant ray to Udraya.

– “A burden is within us.”[5]

– Do not admit again gray aspiration.

– “Sing! A song frightens wolves.

– It is well for the travelers to sing.

– Intone thy secret song, and yield not to slumber.”[6]

– Slobodin is spoiled by Zak.

– I promise you different.

– Read The Secret Doctrine I, 332. Line 4.[7]

– And more, The Secret Doctrine I, 323. Line 9.

– And more, The Secret Doctrine I, 324. Line 13.

– Enough.

– She is useful for your journey—(you will find out).

“The Secret of the wonderful similarity . . . at the close of the cycle of Initiation the inner man has regained the pristine state of divine purity and knowledge from which he set out on his cycle of terrestrial incarnation.” [8]

At what time is it more convenient to talk to M.M.?

24 May 1922, evening


From May 23–24, I saw the usual wreath, and heard the voice: Tormented. The worries torment.

From May 23–24, the words: The Hand of the Creator chooses—further I do not remember. The answer to my thought: Worthy.

– Rerikh should not disclose the timings to him.

– Urusvati[10] should not speak about the most glorious page of the mission.

– I sense, I sense, I sense a friend is coming.

– Through the darkness of doubts, he gets strengthened—he searches for you.

– Understanding will come soon.

– Urusvati, the Master rejoices at you.

– You can again carry the word—the new ones will come.

– You are able to impart the joy, showing the path.

– You are able to convince.

– You are able to break the veil of vulgarity with a simple word.

– My Hand is with you.

– Read The Secret Doctrine I, 333 [313—Ed.]. Line 3: “Egyptian cubits and of the Roman foot.”

– And more, The Secret Doctrine II, 532 [506—Ed.]. Line 3: “Whether Milton’s [grandiose] description of the three Days’ Battle of the Angels of Light against those of Darkness justifies the suspicion that he must have heard of the corresponding Eastern tradition—it is impossible to say.”[11]

– And more, The Secret Doctrine III, 132. Line 1.

– And more, The Secret Doctrine III, 338. Line 25: “Professor of History, Ph. Lebas, discovers (unconsciously to himself) the very root of Astrology in his able article on the subject in the Dictionnaire Encyclopédique de France.”[12]

– Enough.

– Nothing.

– Do pranayama in the morning.

25 May 1922, evening


– I sense, Saturn will not touch My pupils.

– Saturn is motionless—you need to be able.

– Saturn is hostile to Urusvati.

– I deem Saturn to be the lowest planet.

– You should read Origen.

– You should read in the library.

Volume III—find the precepts about the honest teachings; Urusvati, remember Morya.

– I do not think there is need for your near ones to plunge into hoary antiquity.

– But an idol can become alive if all intentions are directed towards Our Ashram.

– It is possible to make an idol out of Me, thinking about the previous incarnations, but better ponder about the future Teacher.

– Not Allal-Ming, not Solomon, not Akbar, but the messenger of the Highest—Morya shall lead you.

– It is not even important to be My sister. There are many sisters, but it is important to be chosen by Christ.

– “One’s karma is of great importance, but of greater importance is it to be chosen.

– Karma is but the circumstance of the choice.

– Only the chosen ones are entrusted with a mission.”[13]

– But you sense not only the karma, but the choice as well.

– “The Smile of the Creator is the crown; not because of gratitude, but due to rejoicing in the fire of the heart.

– And above the heads of the chosen ones glows the sign of fire.

– Just as when the branches of the tree are hewn down the trunk gains strength,

– So does the abandoning of habits purify the spirit.”[14]

– Read The Secret Doctrine II, 342 [318—Ed.]: “‘[The] Source of Measures’ . . . from the more spiritual races of Lemurians, in whom the ‘Sons of Wisdom’ had personally incarnated.”

– And more, The Secret Doctrine II, 332. Line 4.

– Wait for the Lichtmanns.

– I sense you should.

The Lichtmanns came.

– Read The Secret Doctrine III, 333. Line 3: “We are too inclined to criticize unsparingly everything concerning astrology and its ideas; nevertheless our criticism, to be one, ought at least to know, lest it should be proved aimless, what those ideas in truth are.”

– And more, The Secret Doctrine I, 237 [216—Ed.]. Line 8: “In the cosmogony of Japan, when, out of the chaotic mass, an egglike nucleus appears, having within itself the germ and potency of all the universal as well as of all terrestrial life, it is the ‘three-fold’ just named, which differentiates.”

– “By removing you purify;

– By courage you assert;

– By resourcefulness you find.

– Better to hasten than to slumber in expectancy.

– Shape the log into beams and raise the dwelling.”[15]

– Enough.

26 May 1922, daytime


– I sense your aspirations are coming true.

– I sense again the destiny sends happy opportunities to Rerikh.

– Three beings desire to approach.

– The pure idol stands on guard.

– Look bravely into your visions.

– Nothing bad can enter.

– I have shown you the figure amidst the ritual, which was executed in reality.

– There is a sect directed against Us.

– Just like the women under the covers.

– Watch the ritual movements; you shall learn to recognize the enemies. It is very useful for an occult disciple.

– Blavatsky, even in a calm condition, often could not grasp the vision.

– It is hard for you when you feel tired, but messages come and settle in the depth of consciousness.

– “In our daily lives we perceive not the vital moments.

– We regard them as no better than dust.”[16]

– If to show the decisive moment of Russia, only an experienced disciple would understand it.

– “But the Creator’s Hand is felt not only in the mighty manifestations but even in the motion of each grain of that dust.”[17]

– I am near, I protect; later will you appreciate My Love.

– I send care and gently lead towards the goal.

– Now implement the thought about the journey.

– I shall unfold everything according to your health condition.

– Convey: “The Gates are open—guard the light!”[18]

– Read The Secret Doctrine I, 533. Line 9.

– And more, The Secret Doctrine II, 421 [403—Ed.]. Line 7: “Without mutual contact / whose abode was on the seventh stage of the world .”

– Friz Odomar in the fourth century—a warrior.

– Enough.

28 May 1922, evening


– Urusvati’s feeling is correct.

– Horch can be helpful for your journey.

– Rerikh, send Horch the article about the Art.

– I think Urusvati should reestablish relations with Grant.

– I sense the time comes to settle the work.

– No need of dirt.

– Liska is harmless.

– You know the fate.

– Judge according to My messages.

– You can see how those who are sent, approach.

– But you need to work.

– Nothing additional.

– You can add about the mission in Russia.

– You may use the Name for the cause.

– Tell Horch not to abandon the cause—it will be needed for Russia; I shall indicate the time.

– Read The Secret Doctrine II, 443 [424—Ed.]. Line 2: “that what is said below is all true.”

– And more, The Secret Doctrine II, 312. Line 4.

– And more, The Secret Doctrine III, 313. Line 16: “Hypatia, the teacher of the Bishop Synesius, was one of the ornaments of the School.”

– Work.

– Enough.

29 May 1922, evening


– Read any Origen’s book.

– You will be able to buy that good book.

– Through it you will lock the chain of knowledge.

– The meaning of the spirit in the initial time, when the voice of Christ was not silenced yet.

– “It was after the time of Origen’s disciples that the false religion of the priesthood began to spread.”[19]

– Manifesting the Shield to you, I shall give the way of teaching in Russia.

– Regard stern minutes of Our Path as happy.

– Am I not taking care of you?

– Now, even more, for you are heading towards Russia.

– I promise love to your light.

– I promise a Shield on a difficult path.

– I suggest increasing your disdain for food.

– It is not harmful for some time.

– Urusvati, invite Horch for Thursday.

– It is a pity to alienate the souls.

– Phone Grant.

– I do not talk about the paintings, but they require support; not all will welcome them on Our Path.

– Now about different aspiration.

– I consider it necessary to say, assertion of the twilight of Europe.

– Peoples’ feelings will complicate the situation.

– Closer to autumn Udraya’s path will be better established.

– I instruct Rerikh to negotiate about the exhibition.

– I instruct Rerikh to display attention tomorrow.

– I will put it together Myself, but remember Rerikh, you are giving richness to people; talk confidently.

– Enough.

– Remember, you carry richness to people.

– The night can be even greener.

– Do not sell the lilac one, it is needed.

– Enough.

30 May 1922, daytime


– “Learn of the power of the spirit.

– Its strength is inexhaustible.

– A word is but a minute part.

– As the whirlwind is but the visible sign of turbulence,

– As the snow is but the messenger of the cold,

– As the lightning is but the eye of the storm,

– So is the word as a grain of dust blown by the impact of a creative thought.

– The source of thought shines into the eyes of those who see.

– And the chord of tension resounds into the sensitive ear.

– And I, too, terrified, was overwhelmed at my nothingness.

– But the Creator’s Greatness makes equal the grain of sand and the mountain.

– Understanding of the Beginning and of the Eternal fills each heart.

– But be ready, and grant it entrance.”[20]

The thought came to print some of M.M.’s messages—the idea of printing is appropriate.

– Get in touch with Yaruya—it will be the foundation of My Lodge.

Leaves of Morya’s Garden

– “Leaves grow each day, but flowers have their seasons.”[21]

– The miracle grows the trees instantly.

– Enough.

31 May 1922, evening


– Whatever Rerikh does, he will manifest My Path.

– The four of you represent great power.

– Urusvati, as a star you are lighting up your path.

– Lumou’s shield is solid, and his path is brilliant.[22]

– Udraya shall bring the light from the war.

Which war?—For the scholarship.

– I, therefore, encourage you that small pricks should not touch you.

– Twilight will be changed by a day.

– My Shield protects My children.

– My Word is My guarantee to you.

– You will drown the doubt in the Russian forces.

– You will light up the path to Russia.

– You will darken the path of the enemies.

– I believe, I know, and I decided.

– Enough.

Should the Lichtmann’s parents move to Poland?—No.

Can they shift to Berlin?—I have told.

– Enough.

1 June 1922, evening


– “The falcon in flight droops not its wings.

– A deer leaping the abyss lingers not.

– Nor shall those who are to come at the appointed time tarry.

– Not on flood tide nor on ebb tide, but on the golden stream of the Cosmos, is borne the boat.

– Spread are the sails and destined is the shore.

– My Shield glows in your hands, and upon your shoulders shine the rays of achievement.

– I will strengthen My Light and wing your feet.

– O thou who art lengthening my path, I will find the lightning and upon it will I traverse the abyss!

– I will enwrap myself in the whirlwind and leap upon the height!

– Where is the dust of my path?

– Where is the ravaging heat?

– Where is the torrent of rain that concealed the ascent?

– My feet are firm and Your Ring is safe upon my hand.

– Behold, O Lord, my falcon is approaching me!”[23]

– You reached faster than the falcon.

– “I am sustaining thee—I am sending a shower of Care.”[24]

– Urusvati, begin to stretch your arm across the abyss; your flight is high.

– “My Care is thy joy.”[25]

– Enough.

2 June 1922, evening


– Be vigilant; the timings approach.

– Urusvati, be strong.

– Tomorrow can come the news directed to you.

– Read The Secret Doctrine III, 375. Line 3.

– Among the Russians, show the knowledge of the essence of Being.

– To think foggy, to condemn harshly—this is what these people can do.

– Urusvati, do not attach importance to their judgments—they are already dead.

– Send the arrows to Udraya, and direct the Shield on Lumou.

– “I promise the growth of consciousness.

– It comes gradually, unnoticed, like the growth of grass.

– First let us affirm disdain for unneeded food.

– (Yes, it was always there, but) Just as the fallen fruit is collected in a basket and carried away, so are outgrown thoughts also discarded.

– So, your sense of human imperfection has ever existed, but this fruit is also fallen.”[26]

– The Turks are attacking the Greeks.

– A whirlwind of bitterness rushes over Italy and over Ireland; this is how the terms are fulfilled.

– “At the gates of the New World the crowds gather.

– Yet they perceive not the portals.

– But easy are the steps of the spirit.

– By a single wish can worldly things be seen as they are.

– Blessed are you who aspire to Beauty.”[27]

– Enough.

To E.R.’s request to convey something to Grant—Let the caretaker give a friendly welcome to new wayfarers.

– I sense an event.

3 June 1922, evening


– Urusvati, during your talks, read the Teaching in a broader way.

– You have seen My Laboratory.

– “All the forces of the Cosmos should be consecrated to the blossoming of the spirit.

– (Urusvati moves forward, and) Fatigue forces renewal of the organism.

– Awareness of one’s goal gives significance to each manifestation of the spirit.

– All winds serve the miller to produce a better flour.

– To learn all the outpourings of nature’s manifestations and to realize them as Beauty,

means to accord wings to mankind.

– A key is needed to unlock a prison cell,

– But wings alone can transport you to the light.

– Every key implies a locked cell.

– But the time approaches when mankind will abhor keys.”[28]

– “Chance does not exist—(Urusvati caught the coming word.)

– I must strengthen your knowledge of the powers of spirit.

– After the great waves we reach the billows of people’s thoughts, and even those of plants.

– Thereafter the attuned ear merges into the ocean of Cosmic Harmony.”[29]

– But it is better to manage earlier.

– Much has been decided in the consciousness of your spirit.

– “Fatigue of the body results from your striving for achievement.

– The achievement is there. It grows with experience, like an immersed crystal.

– We watch Our swimmers with solicitude; should a salty wave flow into your ear, be not afraid—We are with you.”[30]

– Uvuchaya is satisfied; I congratulate you on many wins.

– You will be fine.

– Be winners.

– Enough.

4 June 1922, evening


From June 3–4, a vision of the Temple’s door; the door was slightly opened, and I heard M.K.H.’s voice: “Come, and see the Goddess”, and everything disappeared.

– I deem the thought has reached; I suggest instilling it to Selivanova tomorrow morning.

– I promise success to you.

– The hand, which wrote the book, will also give help for the journey, and for the mission of the future.

– When the time comes to address Udraya, your arrows will come in handy.

– I shall read that book.

– “Stretch your arm across the abyss.

– Above the abyss there is no fear.

– More abhorrent to the spirit are the confines of room and rug.”[31]

– The spirit will rise again on the island.

– Enough for now.

5 June 1922

M. S., I., and M. Lichtmann

– “Direct your spiritual quest toward Us.

– You perceive not the clouds as We do.

– Striving creates miracles—but let Us be the Judges.”[32]

– That path is winding toward Us, but make a good decision.

– Be able to understand. We know the help is good.

– I can repeat it.

– A risk can intimidate a weak body.

– Be able to get help from Fox.

– But do not touch Poland.

– Fox should be offered a benefit (in the school).

– Do not tighten the noose, I said.

– I deem you will understand. Be able to grasp.

– Is it necessary to ask when all is said?

– Let them request the Jewish organization to transfer the money.

– Read The Secret Doctrine III, 238. Line 3: “The ‘tabernacle’ was simply the archaic telephone of those days of Magic when Occult powers were acquired by Initiation, just as they are now. The nineteenth century has replaced with an electric telephone the ‘tabernacle’ of specified metals, wood and special arrangements, and has natural mediums instead of high priests and hierophants. Why should people wonder, then, that instead of reaching Planetary Spirits a[nd] Gods, believers should now communicate with no greater beings than elementals and animated shells.”

– Enough.

5 June 1922, evening


– Now, preserve that thought, it contains your movement.

– Be able to live until its confirmation.

– Urusvati, I rejoice at you.

– I peeped inside the school. I saw a wondrous enchantress.

– But let the Lichtmanns preserve the thought.

– My Hand shall strengthen that thought.

– The being may forward this thought through Stern.

– Now get rest.

– Today is better; on the days of thought, be more attentive to the contact.

– Enough.

6 June 1922, evening


– “What was a fragrance will become a stench.

– The former song will become the noise of the wheel.

– The former shield will turn into an oven door.

– So grows the spirit, when it turns to face the universe.

– Within a small room, upon a small rug, you have shed your former skin.

– What cannot be laved in the snows of the mountains and in the warmth of the sun?

– The wisdom thus released will inhabit its new skin.

– We rejoice at your observation of man’s ways, unmasked, denuded.

– As though the curtains of the windows were drawn aside and the innermost recesses revealed.

– And it is easy to offer counsel when reading from an open book.

– You evolve under My Eyes.

– Yes, yes, yes!

– Your steadfastness strengthens Us.

– It is easy to walk along a precipice when you know of the flying carpet.”[33]

– You may read this to Manziarly.

– Tell Kolokolnikova: after missing the train—wait for a new sign.

– To Muromtsev as well.

– One can speed up through understanding.

– Read The Secret Doctrine I, 541 [498—Ed.]. Line 2: “A poor ‘God’ he, who would work upon minor details and leave the most important to secondary forces!”

– And more, The Secret Doctrine I, 327.

– “Observe everything.”[34]

– Enough.

7 June 1922, evening


From June 6–7, a vision of M.M. reading and leafing through a book. Rays, as if from a searchlight, and then a beautiful combination of colorful shapes.

– I was reading the book, note down the preface.

“Into the New (Russia) World my first message.

You who gave the Ashram,

And you who gave two lives,


Builders and warriors, strengthen the steps.

Reader, if you have not grasped—read again, after a while.

The predestined is not accidental,

The leaves fall in their time.

And winter is but the harbinger of spring.

All is revealed; all is attainable.

I will cover you with My Shield, if you but tend to your labors.

(We are with you; the path is not too long!)

I have spoken!”[35]

8 June 1922, evening


From June 7–8, I heard M.M.’s voice: Everything is open, everything is available—the circuit locked.

– You should write Rogers—one order will give a subject for the letter.

– It is time to point out where society is drawn to because of alienation from the beauty.

– A donation of the painting was given by Me to reveal the consequence—to indicate the closed eye of the society; an example is needed.

– Now the stanzas.

“Whilst thou wert at the market

A merchant knocked upon our door.

He wished to exchange his necklace for thine.

For thy red stones, he showed us stones of blue fire.

Mother, we knew not which stones were brighter.

The merchant was tall, and raven was his beard.

Why art thou so pensive, Mother?

The merchant meant to deceive us.

Red as blood are thy stones and brilliant as fire thy necklace.

Why art thou so pensive, Mother?

We will not let him enter again.

But why do thy tears fall?

One of them glistens with a blue flame.

Was he not a sorcerer?”[36]

E.R.’s remark that she does not understand quite clearly—You shall grasp!

“Nor do the hands of children discern the best stones.

– Often the red ones are their choice.”[37]

Does it relate to Svetoslav?—to both of them.

– There is no danger.

– Enough.

9 June 1922, evening


– It is hard for Urusvati to wait for the development of Our phenomena.

– But the timings have approached—the haze is not eternal.

– Phenomena have saturated your life.

– The ranks of the steps indicate your ascent.

– “Amidst the life of everyday, seek the gleam of Light.”[38]

– Do not be surprised if I replace the personal with the content of the book.

– Not personal, but the teaching for the book.

– Only in urgent cases will I warn you.

– Consider the book personal.

– We need to finish the Russian message.

– Now—forward.

– The school will appear; the Lichtmanns will display needed eagerness.

– “The growing concentration upon the Blessed Forces will strengthen the consciousness

of those who knock.

– Having ridiculed, slandered, and belittled the spirit, the insignificant ones were

stopped by the efforts of the Stronghold of Good.

– The token of eternal life will penetrate even the lowliest mind.

– Dear shopkeepers, what profit to cheat yourselves?

– Poor rulers, what good is there in erecting prisons for yourselves?

– Cruel sages, have you no shame in violating your beliefs?

– And you children of the crowd, forget not that the star that gleams between the

houses is not a lamp.

– You dive, you fly, and hear.

– But where is the pearl of your spirit?

– Whither are you going?

– You have lost your way and an unfriendly thorn has pierced your wings.

– Dust is harmful to the ears.

– I speak as a physician. Yet are My remedies not complex and My Trumpet will not


– The growth of grass is more audible.

– Heart, comprehend it.

– Let tears bathe you in your solitude.”[39]

10 June 1922, evening


I sense your aspiration.

– Significant changes have been resolved by Us.

– Carry the spirit high—happiness comes.

– Smile to catch a ray of happiness.

– The spirit of Urusvati feels happiness.

– Now the book.

– “The blade of grass rejoices in the sunlight.

– Can it be that only the human eye turns from the light?

– A shield cannot long hide the leper,

– Nor can a helmet long conceal an empty head.

– Our Call is plainer than a child’s request.

– Accept the treasure prepared for you.

– Just as the muscles hold one’s physical strength, so must the spirit encompass God.

– A fool’s harvest is always poor.

– But Our grain is of the best, and We sell it cheaply.

– Can it be that you choose to devour yourselves through your own ignorance?

– I beseech you and also warn you—there will be revelations, for the veil is being raised.

– No spectacles can help, if your eyes are clouded with dust.

– Go, seek a physician!”[40]


11 June 1922


– “The hand of night preserves the pearl.

– The clear eye of day discerns the treasure.

– Darkness is not dark for the eye of the eagle.

– Each day, bring a new treasure.

– By day and by night, manifest the predestined.

– I sense that happiness draws near.”[41]

– Read The Secret Doctrine II, 439 [421—Ed.]. Line 12: “For the Host that incarnated in a portion of humanity, though led to it by Karma or Nemesis, preferred free-will to passive slavery, intellectual self-conscious pain and even torture while myriad time shall flow—to inane, imbecile, instinctual beatitude.”

– And more, The Secret Doctrine III, 43. Line 7: “But the age has to follow the natural course of its evolution.”

– Urusvati, do not get tired.

– Enough.

13 June 1922, evening


– The sold paintings will bring happiness to the Horches.

– Show respect, show respect.

– Lumou’ spirit is empty.

– Now the book.

– “When we are impelled to fight and destroy evil, are we not then also as fanatics?

– Where is the boundary of Justice?

– But those who are trained in the school of harmony will recognize the mandates of the heart.

– Our disciple determines each sword thrust with his spirit directed to Us.

– Our disciples do not hesitate, but smite the enemy’s falsehoods.

– Not repose but resourcefulness rules Our warriors.

– Their eyes are open, clear.

– We summon them to action.

– Tell this to those who think that We divert them from labor.”[42]

– Enough.

– The more varied the better.

– Our aura contains all colors.

– When it is necessary to strengthen the body, We forward yellow stars. Lilac color strengthens the brain. Green—the nerves. Blue—the spirit. Pink—the stomach. Yellow—the heart.

– Read The Secret Doctrine II, 235 [224—Ed.]. Line 3: “of those Buddhas and heroes who are mentioned in the Buddhist and Hindu works, as men of fabulous size, the good and holy brothers of their wicked co-uterine brothers generally (. . .) all descendants of the gods through the Rishis (. . .) all ‘heaven’s first born.’”

– And more, The Secret Doctrine I, 453 [420—Ed.]. Line 5: “The Supreme being is not the inert cause of creation only, but exercises the functions of an active providence.”

– Enough.

14 June 1922


– Let Lumou come.

– “I teach you to consult your own destiny.

– You must comprehend the dates revealed to you.

– Through that understanding will be unveiled the structure of Cosmos.

– When the will is harmonized with the revealed dates, there can be no destruction.

– The Guiding Hand hovers over your spirit,

– And like a pilot steers it through waves and seasons and elements.

– Therefore must Our disciples be able to hearken to the breath of life of every day.

– Not your signs are the twilight of ignorance or the grimace of discontent—

– Leave these to the dark ones.”[43]

– I will continue in the presence of the Lichtmanns.

14 June 1922, later

M. S., I., and M. Lichtmann

– “My Shield is a Refuge to the pure.

– My Arrows are Wings to the faithful.

– My Sword is a Torch to the courageous.

– My Smile is the promised Bliss to the wise.

– My Heart is your Abode.

– Your temple is a miraculous offering to Me.

– Know to find Anthony and Ursula in life.

– I believe you may comprehend My Indications.”[44]

– Read The Secret Doctrine III, 133. Line 8: “Her (church) policy now seems to be to direct the impression left by him (Apollonius) into another channel (a well-known and a very old stratagem).”

– And more, The Secret Doctrine II, 539 [512—Ed.]. Line 12: “Attracting [to themselves] her shadowy manifested essence, called by Eliphas Levi ‘the fatal light’ which kills and destroys.”

Puranas, Max Muller II, 33. Line 9.

The Secret Doctrine III, 258. Line 4.

– Enough.

– Send all possible help.

– Try to send money through him.

– I have told.

15 June 1922


From June 14–15, I have heard M.K.H.’s voice: Patience, patience, and then M.M.: Receive Me further.

– The haze dissipates.

– The gloom departs.

– Predestined is near.

– Urusvati, be brave; I foresee joy, I foresee the rest.

– Now the book.

– “You will hear of Our Aspirations upon the peaks of the mountains.

– Read about Our manifested dreams.

– You will learn about Our Manifestations, yet you will not believe.

– We teach only those who knock.

– Firmly will We reject all traitors.

– Austerely will you speak of Us.

– Hearken, the new ones show signs of understanding.

– Let not the enemies approach; they are dangerous to the new ones.

– Smilingly listen to the contentions of the pedants, for they perceive naught.

– But the Eagle Eye is above you.”[45]

– Read The Secret Doctrine I, 556 [510—Ed.]. Line 4: “Faraday held a similar opinion, however, as stated by Tyndall.”

What was the beginning of a phrase heard by me?—It is necessary.

How to understand the word ‘further’?—Along the way.

– Enough.

17 June 1922, evening


– You learn well.

– “(Urusvati), Be alert for the opportunity to listen.

– The Great Silence envelops the hearkening ear—

– Amidst noise it is invulnerable.

– And amidst the battle its presence is ever more astounding.

– The open ear turns away from the earthly plane.

– What is unattainable today comes with ease tomorrow.

– The difficulties of the path are caused by one’s earth-bound habits.

– Therefore guard the children from such habits.

– Like fungus that spreads upon the walls of a house, must they be destroyed.

– A plague of beetles swarms in the corners, poisoning the walls.

– Darkness has chained humanity, but the sword’s flash shall cleave obscurity asunder.

– Light shall prevail!”[46]

– Read The Secret Doctrine II, 456 [437—Ed.]. Line 17: “Even to a Theosophist, any more detailed accounts of them.”

The Secret Doctrine II, 365. Line 7: “this.”

– Enough.

18 June 1922, evening


Voice of M.M. in the morning—We always look for an opportunity to approach you.

– “Pure air is needed for a current.

– Liken it to electricity after a thunderstorm.”[47]

– Nobody should smoke in this room.

– “Miracles may happen anywhere, but your progress in the teaching depends upon the progress of your spirit.”[48]

– Not for long will you be in one place; therefore, keep the possibility of consonant communication.

– The power of your battery needs to be strengthened again.

– Let all place their hands on the table.

– Urusvati, you will not suffer for too long; soon you shall take rest.

– You need to carry Our Banner in full affirmation.

– That dream concerned the Russians in Berlin. Gloomy are the minds in Berlin.

– Suvorina is dangerous. Suvorina should be left to reveal her harm.

– Ask for a book from Raap.

– I consider the timing—ten.

– Timing—twelve.

– One needs to notice the life timings.

– Often the hand displays in details.

– Read The Secret Doctrine III, 362. Line 6.

The Secret Doctrine II, 380. Line 4.

– Enough.

19 June 1922, evening


From June 18–19, the voice of M.M.: Urusvati. I was very tired and remembered nothing.

– Regards to Udraya and the instruction: remember, I am sending you to Paris to prepare a new path, thus, you will prove that above all earthly knowledge shines the wisdom of the Spirit.

– Display awareness of My guardianship.

– Safeguarding the secret, still express My innermost trust.

– Remember, only by common consonance will you reach the top.

– I will show the path, I will lift those who help; I will strike those who harm, you have the examples.

– I have spoken.

– Show Shklyaver instructions and the manuscript of the book.

– Tell to the sighted Russians, that My Advice is ready through My children.

– My Hand is strong, and My Shield is bright.

– Display knowledge, Udraya, and do not violate.

– I entrust Zefirots to guard you. Zefirots—the rays of wisdom.

– Enough.

– His attitude is empty.

– Read The Secret Doctrine II, 533. Line 3.

– I have spoken.

20 June 1922, evening


– “The predestined dates for the spirit are approaching.

– At the borderline of consciousness the manifestations of happiness and darkness are mingled.

– The transition from night to dawn is imperceptible to the eye.

– But know the sacredness of God’s Abode.

– No dust, no anger, must you bring; and you must kill your earthly hungers if you would face Divine Knowledge.

– The aspiration of the spirit is the sparkling of Bliss.

– Blessings temper the armor.”[49]

– Not for long will you sit in the hole.

– The prana of the ocean will wash away the ash of life.

– I repeat, I foresee the victory.

– Dimitriy sent the last regiment, and thus broke the enemy.

– My Hand is upon you.

– Enough.

– Sail to destroy the enemies of Light.

– Read The Secret Doctrine II, 333. Line 5.

21 June 1922, evening


– I will severely punish the proud opponents.

– Prokofyev and Bashkirov.

– Udraya will find traces of arson, but the living water will flood the evil.

– The assignment is serious.

– Udraya, place your hand.

– By the light I attest, do not retreat.

– Gloomy are the minds of Paris.

– The rudder should be kept day and night.

– Buying a lie is not difficult.

– But clearing karma from false signs is not easy.

– I shall instruct Ollumo to support Shklyaver.

– But he must show the power of truth for Our Cause.

– Establish yourselves by force.

– Instruction to Yaruya.

– Preserve the lodge at Adyar.

– I shall give special instructions concerning Russia.

– “New ones will come.

– New ones will come.

– New ones will come.

– Count your friends.

– Look for the gates to open to their coming ascent.

– Maintain the feathers of your arrows, else they fall limp and powerless.

– Learn to fly.”[50]

– Enough.

– Read The Secret Doctrine III, 324. Line 3.

– It is necessary to temper the channels of thought.

22 June 1922, evening


– It is necessary to write Shibayev about My desire to establish the timing for happiness of Russia—the year 1931.

– We must point out the battle before this date.

– “Let him not approach for whom the probation seems too long.”[51]

– Udraya, place your hand.

– No need to spread the thoughts easily; let them anticipate the Instructions.

– Shklyaver as well.

– Let them feel the strength behind you.

– Udraya already started, also . . . [illegible].

– Enough.

23 June 1922, evening


– I allow presence at the séance.

– They are not with Us; in case of attacks, repeat My Name.

– Jokes are not dangerous; they desire to show their superiority.

– They resort to lying by reading thoughts.

– I am trying to kindle Udraya’s heart.

– “You lay a new foundation for the manifestation of Beauty.

– With you do We pronounce the beginning of a new Teaching.

– Flood tide and ebb tide succeed each other, but the ninth wave rises highest.

– I want to show to you the great battle of this, Our day.”[52]

– I will carry you like on a plane for a long journey.

– Udraya is on his way. The stones are sold; the exhibition is aflame.

– Tibet is not in America.

– You will not notice the time.

– Through all conventions of the spirit, the free one feels the way of the new truth.

– They burn now until autumn.

– The vessel of experience is filled with new people.

– He is Our opponent.

– Mean-spiritedness is there, but no action.

– Do not be surprised, Lumou will change.

– But warn him about the red stones.

– I am helping Udraya a lot now.

– I am in a hurry to get him there.

– Now for Rerikh: he was late to write Roggers.

– Now postpone it until Adyar.

– Please do not delay Our orders. It is better to ask if you do not understand.

– You can look lightly into the future.

– Each one is first in his own assignment.

– The Teacher knows even when to remove the blood.

– The spirit grows in the angles of flight.

– Enough.

24 June 1922, evening


– I sense happiness nears—Morya’s Hand protects the warriors.

– The essential is being displayed through Manziarly.

– She already understood.

– Do your best to disperse the clouds over Theosophy.

– I sense she will be able to help.

– Udraya will display Leaves of Morya’s Garden.

– Now the book:

“You who turn from the teaching of hope, of action, and of courage,

Who are frightened by the given knowledge,

Who pale before the face of love,

Who are startled by an angel’s wings,

We need you not!

The temple is glowing and Our Path is fixed.

And each morning brings us closer to the sun.

And happy are they who minded not the day and who seized the pearl of the spirit from the stars.

This pearl loses not its luster; and you, poor ones, where will you find a treasure more enduring?

Let us appraise values, but let us not insist on money as the measure.

The underground vaults have already been overfilled.

I will nullify earth’s gold with a new metal.

A golden shield is not trustworthy.”[53]

– Enough.

– Read The Secret Doctrine II, 335. Line 5.

26 June 1922, evening


– I confirm Grant’s intention.

– It is wiser to travel in springtime (To Europe).

– Do not wait for Lumou until the end.

– He shall execute the needed instruction.

– Let Horch accept the guidance of Tobius.

– The scientist—Rüdesheim.

– He needs to listen to My Teaching.

– Start the lodge in autumn—My warriors.

– Now the book:

“Display your wisdom—I speak of action.

Each day’s new rays bring new strength.

Protective action is not personal, when the raging darkness throws itself upon the

defenses of the pure dwelling.

The motion of the Hand of the Divine Sower encompasses the firmament.

And the hands of all His Sons shall be uplifted with one accord and They shall cast Their seed.

I will indicate the time for action.

Regard the approaching days as the threshold of the winter’s activity.

Hasten to display action.

Join your forces for action.

Warriors have never been in such a turmoil of action.

O thou keen blade, O thou smiting hammer!

I am coming, Master Builder. I am coming!”[54]

– Enough.

Puranas will give understanding to Udraya in his chosen subject—interpretation of the North.

– The abyss is deep enough for Muromtsev. It is time to come to his senses.

– To understand how to perceive.

– The levity is the worst.

– You can listen simply, then there are fewer mistakes.

– I send many things in reality.

– You shall see.

– Correct action.

27 June 1922, evening

M. I., S., and M. Lichtmann

– I expect good things from the Horches.

– I like Grant’s devotion.

– Horch will show understanding.

– Urusvati, take care.

– I will find you on the island.

– Enough.

– The arrival will provide the shield in Germany.

– The Shield, you ought to understand, is a place for life.

– “Be resourceful—act!”[55]

– Direct your thoughts toward Corona Mundi.

– Be aware of the coming winter’s activity.

– Enough.

28 June 1922, evening


“I’m beforehand guru.”*

– I will tell for the book:

“We speak but once.

Do not repeat your questions.

What is not understood or is unheard is lost to Earth.

You may find new ways of understanding and ascent, but by new steps.

Therefore be alert.

Tiredness is not dangerous.

But levity and callousness are banes to mankind.

Like a householder in constant action, be not afraid of a few drops of labor’s perspiration.

Even a misguided action is better than passivity.

Attain the port. For each one is a ship provided.”[56]

28 June 1922, evening, later


– I entrust you to say about the great commission of Tibet.

– I will be the Shield.

– I am the Shield, I am the Shield, I am the Shield, I am the Shield, I am the Shield, I am the Shield, I am the Shield.

– I am the Banner, I am the Banner, I am the Banner, I am the Banner, I am the Banner.

– I have sent, I have sent, I have sent.

– Tibetan gloom—I shall bestow Light.

– My Shield is upon the Dalai Lama.

– The one who sheltered Me, will find the way.

– I will send, I sense, I shall affirm the Shield; I shall sow amidst the new ones—I said.

– Eleven—seven—event, event, event.

– The position is established by Us, between you the name Alhram Georgiev—the new path.

– Understand the importance of Tibet for the future of Russia.

– These are weak phenomena.

– I shall lead you through the new phenomena.

– I, I, I, I, I.

– The high one.

– My Shield is upon Urusvati.

– His mission to Russia will be also honorable (Ch. Crane).

– The truth is generously rewarded.

– In the year 1930 (The beginning of the order in the country; our arrival to Russia).

– He will travel to Russia in 1928 (Ch. Crane).

– Enough.

29 June 1922, evening


– Urusvati wins royally.

– The science of the spirit is bright—Morya is the Shield.

– Leave the horseshoes to the horseman; he cannot judge above that.

– It is not dangerous.

– The book:

“Is justice difficult?

A child measures justice better than a judge.

Wherefore can only the aged and the children be the arbiters of the earth?

Human judgment blunders.

Laws obstruct the entrance.

Learn to judge in the open, beneath the stars.

Learn to measure distances with closed eye.

To see the light with closed eye is granted to each one;

But laziness, ingratitude, ignorance, and brutality are astride your backs.

Blind travelers, how will you attain the justice of children?

Wash away the dust of habit.”[57]

– Enough.

– Udraya, hold the shield; remember the path.

– The path should be kept in mind.

– Enough.

30 June 1922, evening


– The eye of wisdom directs toward My Shield.

– The ‘Zero’ may disturb on Monday.

– Judgment should be brief about everything.

– Now the book:

“Some dwell in cellars, some in attics.

Others are content with a room in another’s dwelling.

And some possess an entire house.

I wish to give a house to those who dwell with Us.

It is not bad to own a house.

Glorious is it to admire the sunrise from the terraced garden.

And cheaply do We sell the house.

A word from the heart and a beautiful deed—

Not high is the price.

Understand the advantage from this.

Understand it at least in a worldly sense.”[58]

– Enough.

– The Jesuit in Asia—China.

– Tristan—Lung.

– There is no need to worry.

– Hold onto the banner of Michael.

– Enough.

1 July 1922, evening


– I sense it is time to travel to the island.

– You can count your success among the rocks of Atlantis.

Fr. Grant came.

2 July 1922, evening


– Urusvati can sit.

– Write to Milwaukee concerning the article of Advey.

– Urusvati, read Tagore’s “Sacrificial Songs,” page 36.

– Now the book.

“Creator, let my spirit be revived when the storm abates.

Thunder fills the silence of the night, and lightning crosses my window.

Can it be that even during such a night the Messenger will come?

But I know my question is perhaps inappropriate.

The Messenger is coming.

Master, my mind is dull with sleep and my eyes penetrate not the darkness.

I will place a hammer at my door.

Let the Messenger shatter the bolt.

Wherefore shall I need a lock after the coming of the Messenger?”[59]

– Enough.

– Be resourceful.

– My Shield is upon you.

– Everything shall come.

3 July 1922, evening


– Udraya, find the strength to meet the dawn’s light. In only a month will you speak with Me.

– Safeguard the light.

3 July 1922, evening, later


– The book:

“Wherefore, O Lord, dost Thou not trust me to gather the fruits of Thy Garden?

But where are thy baskets?

Why, O Lord, dost Thou not pour out to me the streams of Thy Bliss?

But where are thy vessels?

O Lord, why dost Thou whisper and not proclaim Thy Truth in thunder?

But where are thine ears? Indeed, the thunder is better heard amidst the mountains.”[60]

– Enough.

Will M.M. tell something to Horch?—I can help him.

– It is necessary to judge and direct attention to Crane.

– I sense he will help.

– Enough.

4 July 1922, evening


– The Shield is upon you.

– I promise success.

– “People are gathering. Experiences are increasing. Help comes more easily.

– Thus does the ship, spreading its sails, quicken its course.

– Easily, lightly, upwards, unnoticed, do you carry the burdens of life—like the pollen of the flowers.

– Let the crossing (of Udraya) be easy.

– Easily, upwards, joyously, simply.

– Concern not yourselves with soles when wings grow upon your shoulders.

– But beware lest you emulate Icarus!”[61]

– It is wrong not to understand what the spirit knows.

– Urusvati, the warmth of hearts stretches toward you—so the Temple is built!

– Lumou has an assignment.

– I Myself have chosen you—remember Tibet.

– Udraya, do not forget the Tibetan language.

– The language needs to receive affirmation.

– Enough.

– That, what is predestined. Proceed toward the knowledge—affirmation will follow. Now, saturate your spirit (to Udraya).

5 July 1922, evening


– Urusvati, apply “Baume Bengué” on your ribs.

– You deserve rest.

– Urusvati should not worry.

– Sternly show your dignity to the coachman.

– Let peace come down upon you before winter.

– Enough.

6 July 1922, evening


– I vouch for success.

– I vouch for success.

– Success comes—I attest with My kiss.

– My messengers, do not deviate from the high path.

– The necessary is coming—not more wondrous than the appearance of the Horches.

– Not a small battle roars because of you.

– The promised chalice does not spill.

– Urusvati shows warmth.

– The Guardians of the snows are invincible.

– While on the island, indulge in quiet reflection on the shore.

– Instruct them to do it as well.

– Sometimes the resting brain can better grasp the current.

– It is necessary to show an example of how prana renews.

– The knee joints need to be renewed.

– Rerikh’s joints weaken without movement.

– I think you should go by a steamer.

8 July 1922, evening, Monhegan


– The Teacher is happy—the fresh air is useful for you.

– Stay outside in the air—it will uplift your mood.

– Urusvati, forward your spirit—I am leading.

– Recollect a pilgrimage on Valaam—the room is like in the monastery.

– Stay here until Udraya’s departure, then we shall see.

– I have provided the cabin, and supported you as well.

– Trust, I shall show you the whole path.

– I supported you.

– The Shield is upon you.

– Enough.

9 July 1922


– Urusvati will be touched by prana.

– The island will provide Urusvati with accumulation of forces.

– The book:

“Why does the eye become far-sighted towards the end of life?

Experience directs the eye into the distance and the near is veiled.

Thus do you receive knowledge of the future.

Traverse the present without sinking in the slough of the swamps.

Action before aught else!

Verily, verily, a bird in its flight is sometimes more useful than a benumbed man.”[62]

– Enough.

– The book should be completed before Udraya’s departure.

– The one given to him (Puranas).

– You should write to Advey.

– And My Ray will skip the society enveloped by slumber.

– Enough.

– Work in the morning, contemplate after lunch, do not work manually, and before dinner go for a walk.

– We shall talk after the dinner.

– Seek the feeling of strength in exercises with Allal-Ming during communication, three times a week.

10 July 1922, evening


– Urusvati, We shall happily present to you Udraya’s success in Paris.

– Believe, I create the whole path.

– Even for the luggage you had feared!

– The whole path is Mine.

– Only the destined can be lost; then rejoice, for your failure is only a sign of true success.

– Without Me not one hair will fall.

– I cannot think of a better shield than Our headgear.

– Manage to give your hair a turban.

– Udraya, try being even better.

– You shall see the benefit—I appeal to a personal ground, just for equipping the ship.

– Be broader, and besides yourself, love good service.

– Urusvati is ready to dedicate her life.

– Try, attempt to preserve the predestined place.

– The time of your action is at hand.

– Enough.

– Sylvain Levi.

– With Bacot, learn the ritual of spiritual missions.

– My disciples, the Teacher demands love, beauty, and action (thirty-one).

– You will be surprised how, until November, the basis of decision will be affirmed.

– I do not want to interrupt the value of creativity.

– A lot is accumulated, and its value is great—without disturbing the path.

– The spirit has many solutions.

– You need to act harmoniously. You know the way yourself.

– One word of Mine can disrupt the beauty of Urusvati’s creative spirit. The spirit knows, and its ascent is valuable.

11 July 1922

M. S. and M. Lichtmann

– “I perceive the enemies will be destroyed by miraculous fire.

– The time for action is but begun.

– Comprehend devotion, faith, and courage.

– I will safeguard you with a helmet of faith, an armor of devotion, and a shield of victory.

– And on the banner will be inscribed: Love, the Conqueror.”[63]

– “The mind grows, every day.

– Goodness wings its way to happiness.

– But between you and Us the bridge is spirit.

– By spirit one can raise mountains.

– But this bridge can be destroyed within a moment.

– And the remaining abyss not all the rocks of the created mountains could refill.

– Therefore, guard the flower of Adamant.

– It blooms not in ice.”[64]

– It is easy to be a gardener; it is hard to become a seed lesson.

– “But if the Creator has granted you the power of this bridge to Us, proceed, and guard the flame.

– Say to the passers-by,

– ‘We know whither we are bound.’”[65]

– Enough.

– Nutsya wants an approval to be repeated.

– Understand My Shield.

– Let him work; besides the languages he may learn about the nearness of Benevolent Forces.

– I think you should return on the eighth.

– . . . [illegible]

– Depends on Saminsky.

12 July 1922, evening


– Read Tertium Organum, 157. Line 59.

– Udraya, read about the phenomenon of love in Tertium Organum.

– Udraya is not silly; he will not deny the creative force of the Universe.

– “My mouth shall be speechless,

– And I shall be unable to comprehend the Shield of Mercy, if love fly from me.

– I shall be earthbound at morning if my wings weaken during the night.

– What then shall I outspread to hail the morning sun?

– My smile, where art thou?

– And what mark brands my forehead?

– What is the luminous word with which to greet the light?

– What is worthy? I shout, I affirm—Love.

– I said it!”[66]

– “Value not the word that explains.

– Take rather the affirmation of the First Teacher.

– I said it!”[67]

– “The Word of the Teacher unlocks the bolt.

– Lay your heart upon the threshold of the morning ray and I will shield you,

– Open your eyes, face the tide, and I will protect you.

– I rejoice in guarding the treasure.”[68]

– Enough.

– Let him learn from life.

– Let him manage carrying My Signs high.

– Let his work be directed to Corona Mundi. On August, 2.

– Enough.

13 July 1922

M. S. and M. Lichtmanns

– Urusvati should be considered a translator of the book.

– The Lichtmanns can rewrite the Russian.

– Ask Yaruya for the estimate; try to publish the two texts, Russian and English.

– Profit from the English version will go for the school; from the Russian version— for Yaruya’s Lodge.

– Let Horch work—I will return a hundredfold. And he could have the best share in America.

– Call Grant to translate insistently and beautifully—understanding the honor that fell to her.

– I vouch, she will not regret it.

– Urusvati, let them, at least through benefit, lay down the steps of the Temple, but action is necessary.

– “The time of completing the Temple is close at hand.

– Address yourselves reverently to the Temple.

– And when with you I shall go round the structure,

– We shall direct a prayer to the Creator of the Universe.

– And We shall award tribute according to labor and to merit.”[69]

– We shall reunite the happy faith, sold before.

– We shall send new signs and strengthen the sails.

– Sold for gold, prayer fees.

– “Understand that God’s divine service cannot be bought.

– Faith was suffocated by gold.

– A shield of gold is not trustworthy.

– I am summoning the wise ones.”[70]

– Read Tertium Organum, 156. Line 5.

– Enough.

– Do not split the school name.

14 July 1922


– Udraya—you are united, but he is happy to leave.

– Farewell, frontline messenger.

– Udraya, ponder about the common task; you should remember.

– Udraya, do not forget the cause of the Motherland. The mission is more than an essay on India; if you forgot the task now, do not forget it in Paris.

– Your aim is to make a union with the East.

– Work for the future; do not count the steps of the gangway when you conquer the ocean.

– Hold the Shield high.

– There is nothing ordinary in your life; ponder, and finally you will understand.

– Urusvati, lift up the spirit of Udraya.

– The support is stronger when you are aware of its power.

– Not by chance I am giving the message from the Himalayas—I fortify your name.

– You should know your value.

– “New and useful ones will gather,

– And the tree of unity will flourish.”[71]

– The shadows of the past will not harm the gates of the future.

– He will arrive on the August 2.

– The theatre—will not be.

– Not too much.

15 July 1922, evening

M. S. and M. Lichtmann

– “They will ask you, ‘Where are your proofs? Many there be of false prophets.’

– Answer, ‘We judge them only by their deeds,

– And measure only by results.’

– A false prophet leads to a lie,

– And a lie is consummated in evil.

– And then you will perceive the trail of the dragon.

– Therefore, consider only deeds.

– The Teacher knows our path, and to His Mercy we leave the hindering voices.

– Judge by deeds!

– I said it!”[72]

– “The harvest must be gathered with a scythe.

– The wheat-spikes must be brought into the granary by hand.

– Pure grain must be winnowed by the breath,

– And the chaff discarded.

– Thus do We choose the banners of the future.

– I said it!”[73]

– “Naught is destroyed without reason.

– Each is destined to receive his call.

– But the trumpets of angels are inaudible to the ears of those who sleep.

– More impregnable than the Walls of Jericho are the structures of pettiness.

– Are your ears free from dust?

– I said it!”[74]

– Enough.

– Let My Hand feel your resourcefulness.

– Read Tertium Organum, 121. Line 5.

– And more, 83. Line 3.

Automatic writing.

– “What shall be done about those who threaten you?

– What shall be done about those who remain unmoved?

– What shall be done about those who prattle, thinking they know tomorrow?

– And many there be now—the knowing ones.

– But I will tell them, “Open your ears.”

– I will tell them, “Cleanse your hands before you begin to write.

– Clear your voice before you think of proclaiming.”

– I say it. I say it.

– I have told them.”[75]


Automatic writing of Y. R.

– “Disciples, does the sea shell fear the velvet rolling of the waves?

– Be not afraid of the tide.”[76]

– Be not afraid of the tide!                                                   M.M.

Automatic writing of N. R.

“Yes, yes.”[77]

– “Amidst fetters, amidst the slaughter,

– Amidst silence, amidst revolt,

– Amidst those afar and near,

– Remember Me.

– The Power is ever with you.[78]

– Write to Yaruya.

16 July 1922, evening


– Urusvati translates, preserving the spirit.

– I deem Grant will easily help.

– Comparison with the Book of Solomon will help Urusvati.

– Urusvati will find the book in New York in the public library.

– I shall send the book from the synagogue—ask Lichtmann.

– “I deem that the spirit finds the moment for all things.”[79]

– Take an example from My Urusvati.

– Hasten to display My Shield (to Udraya).

– Ponder about the happiness granted to you.

– Ponder about the Benevolence predestined through you.

– “If the lighthouse is a constant beacon of safety for travelers,

– So much the more will My warriors be ever aflame with the fire of salvation.

– And the flame of action kindles other fires.”[80]

– I consider you understand the task imparted to your spirit.

– Enough.

– Through action.

Where and when should the seven books be printed?—I Myself will indicate.

– There is no one you can sit with in Paris—Shklyaver’s spirit requires strengthening.

– Olummo helps him in life—the mission cannot be entrusted yet.

– I Myself shall give through My children.

– Deserve by understanding.

– I know what I am doing.

– Volkov also awaits.

– Ask, where are the actions?

– Enough.

17 July 1922, evening

M. S. and M. Lichtmann

– “You already know that neither kindness nor intellect alone can lead to Us.

– But spirituality is needed.

– This quality comes the moment the spirit is ready.

– Naught can hasten the affirmation of the path.

– Even calling to people is useless.

– Therefore, seek not for followers.

– But attentively welcome those who knock.

– It is shameful to miss in sleep the knocking of even one heart.

– Better to meet with failure than to ignore the winged desire.”[81]

– Nutsya can sit—Udraya, approach.

– I deem Udraya shall display a right path in Paris.

– Udraya, do not forget a river Sayana for the Alans.

– The path should be bound—you will grasp!

– Express understanding.

– Udraya, reflect on the connection of the Tokhars tribes.

– Udraya, Udraya, Udraya, listen to Urusvati!

– I shall call Udraya My son.

– Let him bravely pass through discipleship.

– Do not miss your chance—embrace the strength!

– Enough.

– The strength is around you; embrace it, use it, and fortify yourselves during this winter.


Automatic writing of Y. R.

“Pupil, why think about what cannot be fulfilled?

Dissipate not your force in languor of your spirit.

My Lotus is a joy to those who visit My Garden.”[82]

The Rays of My Laboratory.

You bathe in these rays.

“Children! Action, action, action.

Thoughts of good raise your vibrations to those of the Master’s Soul.

Remember, the Master’s Soul is your abode.

Do not forget Him in your striving for Bliss.

In the name of humanity I am speaking to you.

The Master is ever at your door—but leave the door open.

Await Him and He will respond to your call,

As responds the flower to the call of the morning sun.

In My Name go through life, and you will conquer the darkness.

The rain cloud will not find you, nor will the burning sun cause you suffering.

For I am your Guardian, your Friend and Father,[83]           

Children, children, dear children.  



“My children, children, dear children.

Do not think that Our Community is hidden from humanity by impregnable walls.

The snows of the Himalaya that hide Us are not obstacles for true seekers, but only for

the curious ones.

Mind the difference between the seeker and the dry, skeptical investigator.

Immerse yourselves in Our labor, and I will lead you on the path to the Yonder World.”[84]


“We send you this message:

Let the stones speak the truth,

Let the plants and trees proclaim the joy of creation,

But action is for humanity.

For in action is buried the fruit of man’s striving.

Birds do not remember their deeds or the deeds of others;

Therefore they return to their old nests.

So let man forget his mistakes, and let him strive on the path of Greater Silence and Bliss.

The Great Silence is like the roaring of an ocean and the quietude of an empty House.”[85]



Automatic writing of N.R.

– “In the rays of the morning We decide and send you Our Word.

– Not in dreams nor in desire but in unity of spirit.

– Beholding Bliss you go as a herald, bringing Our Tidings.

– Judge not, but act.

– Do not contemplate much, but create, but find—

– And I, Myself, will be your Help.

– Yes, yes, yes!

– I said it!”[86]

– “Avoid those who will not hear.

– Pass by those who will not see—yes.

– Behold!”[87]


18 July 1922


From July 17–18, I heard the words of M.M.: You need to leave America at the earliest—I am telling.

– Udraya can win back the strip of happiness from his karma.

– But listen to Me—I wish to help.

– But protect yourself from the victims of Tamerlane.

– We are your refuge.

– Our wall is impenetrable.

– Beware, the Dalai Lama and Urusvati provide the best bridge for you.

– The power of the Dalai Lama shall nourish it.

– And remember, Urusvati will help you.

– Time to write.

– Enough.

– Five.

– Reincarnation—Bedouin’s wife.

Automatic writing of Yuri R.:

– “Be both beholder and listener.

– Know your path.

– O Lord, give strength to my heart and power to my arm.

– Because I am Thy servant.

– In Thy Rays I shall learn the eternal Truth of Being.

– In Thy Voice I shall listen to the harmony of the World.

– My heart I give to Thee, O Lord.

– Sacrifice it for the sake of the World.

– Know you the truth, the great truth of the everlasting bonds between Father and Son and between the son and his son.

– The fruit and flowers of my Garden are given to all, and you must be the Keepers of My Garden.

– At My Gates I shall place you and in My Name you will proclaim.

– My Word be with you.”[88]

– Enough.



19 July 1922, evening

M. S. and M. Lichtmann

– I deem you can represent Our Strength, once My son can transfer the current.

– You can represent Our Hearing, once Urusvati can always hear the Voice from the Himalayas.

– “We manifest revelations unto the sensitive ear.

– And your wish may bring to you Our Voice.

– Our Ray, as a beacon, is searching the darkness,

– And with the aid of its light the ship reaches port.

– Twilight must not exist for you.

– They will ask wherein is the quest for perfection.

– Reply: In Love, in Beauty, in Action.

– These three paths suffice.”[89]

– You should write.

– Enough.

What should Oyana do?—Let her establish My Path in her study of languages.

– Let her wait—better not to ask personal questions.

Automatic writing of N.R.

– “Even beneath a tree you feel yourselves sheltered.

– Even at the foot of a cliff you feel yourselves protected.

– But more protected will you feel yourselves beneath My Ray!

– In silence and in tumult your voices reach Our Summit.

– Through the ocean’s mist the ray of the lighthouse is dimmed,

– But Our Ray shines through all.

– Our Ray shines bright, and in the silence of the ocean you can find Us.”[90]

– Remember the predestined.

– Sit on the cliffs during the day.

– We want to reach you.

– Help yourselves.


Automatic writing of Y. R.:

– “In the mist you will find the way, for I am with you.

– Know the unfathomable character of eternal creation.

– The formless Form, the soundless Sound.

– Behold the joy of creation and rejoice at the Wisdom of the Creator.

– The Glory of the Eternal Being radiates in the stars, and His Might is symbolized in Earth’s highest summits.

– Amidst valley and mountain, amidst forest and plain, will you wander in search of your Teacher.

– O foolish one, why seek so far?

– I am here, your Teacher.

– In your bosom cherish thoughts of service towards Good.

– O Lord of my prayers, be merciful to me in my striving.

– Rebuke me not for my transgressions.

– My spirit sings the song—Thy Song.

– But my body is weary and my limbs obey me not.

– Pupil, find the energy to fulfil thy striving. Summon courage!

– Thy body must not hinder thee upon the path.

– Master, I see Thy Face, I behold Thy Mercy.

– Pupil, I am here, but in thy blindness thou didst forget My Presence.

– Eternal, unfathomable, great, and lofty is the Truth.

– But the seeker will approach it and will master its tenets with ease.”[91]

– Enough.



Baume Bengué—French medicinal product, analgesic, ointment, soothing pain and having a disinfectant effect. The main components are salicylic acid and menthol.

Levi, Sylvain (1863-1935)—French Indologist, Sanskritologist, who discovered and published rare Mahayana Buddhist texts in Sanskrit with his own translation.

Monhegan Island—situated in the Atlantic Ocean, a few dozen kilometers from the East Coast of the northeastern state of the United States–Maine. On the island of Monhegan, the Roerichs rested along with the couple, the Lichtmanns.

“Sacrificial Songs”Gitanjali—collection of poems by Rabindranath Tagore in the author’s translation into English, published in 1912, contributing to the fame of the author in England and the United States.

“Tertium Organum”—one of the early works of P. D. Ouspensky (1878–1947).

Entry from 28 June, 1922, evening, later: perhaps this refers to Aghvan Dorjiyev (1853–1938), famous Buryat Lama, one of the initiators of the convergence of Buddhism in Tibet and Russia.

[1] Readers’ Note: In the original text, the initials of Helena Roerich, Nicholas Roerich, and their sons, George and Svetoslav, usually appear in their Russian form, therefore in the translation we chose to transliterate them: N.R. (Nikolai Konstantinovich Rerikh for Nicholas Roerich; E.R. (Elena Ivanovna Rerikh) for Helena Roerich; Y.R. (Yuri Nikolayevich Rerikh, also Yurik) for George Roerich; Sv.R. (Sviatoslav Nikolayevich Rerikh, also Svetoslav, Svetik) for Svetoslav Roerich.—Ed.

[2] “Udraya” is the spiritual name for George Roerich.

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